Meet Results

Impressive Performances in July

LMSC swimmers have been active recently, setting eight LMSC records in the last month.

  • Johnnie Detrick led the way with four new records at the DCRP 29th Annual Long Course meet; official results have been uploaded.
  • Alison MooreLisa BennettBilly Gaines and Chris Stevenson all decided to give the age-groupers a thrill at four different USA-S meets, setting four new LMSC records between them.
  • Lisa and her fellow Mighty Mermaids continue to astonish! They recently smashed a relay record in crossing the Catalina Channel, a 22-mile open water swim comparable in length and difficulty to the English Channel crossing. Their remarkable swim is described in more detail in the Daily News of OW Swimming story entitled “Mighty Mermaids Continue Record Trend.”


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