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Pre-1993 Top Ten Listings Now Available

On the USMS website, we now have Top Ten listings all the way back to 1971! Until just recently, only swims back to 1993 were displayed, but thanks to the efforts of a number of volunteers, more than 20 years of swims have been added.

  • Since USMS was founded in 1970, this takes us back to the “dawn of time,” so to speak.
  • The Top Ten archives are searchable by name, or searchable by team/zone/LMSC. For example, I can find times posted in 1974 by a 32-year-old Betsy Durrant, or times by 37-year-old Lucille Griffin posted in 1975. Check them out!
  • Any verifiable or obvious errors in the pre-1993 data just posted? Please let me know.


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