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There was recently a thread on the USMS Discussion Forums focusing on swimmers who have achieved Top Ten rankings for many years. USMS webmaster Jim Matysek posted a list of swimmers who have achieved more than 100 such rankings. There were some familiar names on that list; for example, VMST member Barbara Zaremski is near the top with an amazing total of 850 Top Ten swims. Perhaps even more impressively, she has also achieved at least one Top Ten swim each year in the period 1974-2010. That averages to 23 Top Ten swims per year —  almost 8 per season — for 37 years! Sounds like Barb can teach Cal Ripken a few things about longevity.

It is pretty easy to search for your Top Ten results on the USMS website. The following swimmers have achieved over 100 Top Ten swims while swimming as a member of our LMSC. These are all impressive achievements, but Betsy Durrant and Lisa Bennett deserve to join Barb in special recognition for their incredible perseverance. Congratulations, ladies!

Name TT Swims (in VA) Longest Streak (in VA)
Betsy Durrant 361 1982-2010
Lisa Bennett 334 1984-2010
Judy Martin 246 1981-1998
Johnnie Detrick 239 1986-2010
Lucille Griffin 230 1986-1993
Marie Kelleher 200 1985-2000
Barbara Zaremski 176 2004-2010
Marianna Berkley 155 1998-2010
Beth Baker 141 1998-2002
Chris Stevenson 133 2006-2010
Ida Hlavacek 131 2004-2010
Terry Sue Gault 129 1986-2000
Beth Scheimann 125 1990-2002


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