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Getting Out of Bed for Workout

Even the most motivated workout warrior has experienced many times of flagging desire to get to the pool or gym. An article by Ali Hall suggests an interesting motivational strategy: asking yourself “will I?” rather than the affirmative “I will!” favored by self-help gurus. Give it a read: maybe it will help convince you to go to morning practice rather than hit the snooze button!

Setting and achieving reasonable goals certainly can motivate people. You might want to consider the Go the Distance program, if you are not already enrolled. Last year the LMSC had 56 members participate, and this year we already have 50 swimmers enrolled in the program. Through the first two months of the year the LMSC has collectively amassed over 2100 miles of swimming, easily on pace to smash last year’s total of 10,265 miles. Very impressive!


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