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It’s Championship Season!

The 2010-11 Short-Course Yards season ends on June 1, but not before some fast championship meets! Arguably the two most important to our LMSC are Colonies Zone SCY Championship, on Apr 15-17 in Fairfax, VA, and USMS Spring Nationals, which runs Apr 28-May 1 in Mesa, AZ. Many LMSC members will be competing in one or both of these events.

Zone Championship: Of the 500+ swimmers congregating at the GMUP pool in Fairfax, 64 of them will hail from our LMSC, representing 8 clubs (3 members will be swimming unattached): LAMS (1), QMST (7), SNOW(1), STON (4), SUNF (4), VMST (39), WAVA (4) and WMS (1). Check out the meet roster here, and see how your teammates are doing by following the real-time results. (Note: the meet/team roster here only includes those who registered online, not those who mailed in their entries.)

USMS Championship: a smaller, but no less dedicated, group is travelling out to Arizona: 31 swimmers (out of 1800+ total) representing QMST (4), SNOW (2), VMST (23) and WAVA (1), and one swimmer competing unattached. Click here to find the roster for a particular club, and follow the real-time results as the meet progresses.

The same weekend (April 14-17) as Zones is the YMCA Masters National Swimming Championship in Ft Lauderdale, FL. Not a bad place to go for a meet in April! At least 13members of our LMSC — including a large contingent from the Northern Neck YMCA — are competing. All are VMST members, but this is a recognized meet in which swimmers must represent a YMCA. Follow the action here.

The list of the championship competitors — 95 of them! — is given below (use the search box to filter by club or meet, or click on the column heading to sort); wish them luck next time you see them in the pool! Contact me if anyone is missing from this list.

Carolyn Alsup42FemaleVMSTY Masters Nationals
Craig Baldwin36MaleSNOWZones & Nationals
Adam Barley29MaleVMSTZones & Nationals
Calvin Barnes87MaleVMSTZones
Lisa Bennett54FemaleVMSTZones & Nationals
Kitten Braaten55FemaleVMSTZones & Nationals
Kathleen Broderick72FemaleVMSTY Masters Nationals
Warner Brundage68MaleVMSTNationals
John Bullard51MaleVMSTZones
David Burk55MaleVMSTY Masters Nationals
Caycee Buscaglia46FemaleQMSTZones
Kristin Breata Caruso39FemaleLAMSZones
Betsy Chambers63FemaleVMSTY Masters Nationals
Kirk Clear43MaleVMSTZones
Kelly Cleary47FemaleQMSTZones
Elizabeth Cohen29FemaleVMSTZones
John Cyganiewicz52MaleSUNFZones
Pam Dameron65FemaleQMSTZones & Nationals
Pieter De Hart32MaleSTONZones
Johnnie Detrick75FemaleVMSTZones
Bill Dunleavy49MaleVMSTZones
Richard Durham70MaleVMSTZones
Betsy Durrant69FemaleVMSTZones & Nationals
Steve Eliasek42MaleQMSTZones & Nationals
Tim Elliott57MaleWMSZones
Samuel Finz66MaleUNATZones
Rebecca Franklin42FemaleVMSTNationals
David Frisch62MaleVMSTZones & Nationals
Donna Funkhouser61FemaleVMSTY Masters Nationals
Raymond Funkhouser60MaleVMSTY Masters Nationals
Billy Gaines30MaleVMSTNationals
Edward Gaulrapp68MaleVMSTZones
Terry Sue Gault60FemaleVMSTZones
John Geissinger24MaleSTONZones
Michael Ginder26MaleSTONZones
Esther Glover41FemaleVMSTY Masters Nationals
Todd Goins49MaleSUNFZones
Jim Golden45MaleVMSTZones
Kathryn Gregory65FemaleVMSTY Masters Nationals
Mary Helne70FemaleVMSTY Masters Nationals
Tracy Hernlen57MaleVMSTNationals
Kate Hibbard26FemaleVMSTNationals
Ida Hlavacek68FemaleVMSTNationals and Y Nationals
Donna Hodgert43FemaleVMSTNationals
Dave Holland43MaleVMSTNationals
Dee Hunter45FemaleQMSTZones
Christian Iten27MaleWAVAZones
Kristan Jacobson38FemaleQMSTZones & Nationals
Karen Kaufmann46FemaleVMSTNationals
Scott Kaufmann60MaleVMSTY Masters Nationals
Mark Kutz55MaleVMSTNationals
Chris Laiti50MaleUNATZones
Susan Lansbury49FemaleVMSTZones
Andrea Latell37FemaleVMSTY Masters Nationals
Shirley Loftus-Charley59FemaleVMSTZones
Ariel Lotz38FemaleVMSTZones
Tom Lyons77MaleVMSTZones
Owen Maher76MaleVMSTZones
Cleary Maly41FemaleQMSTZones & Nationals
Susan Marens69FemaleVMSTNationals
Judy Martin68FemaleVMSTZones
Paul McGraw29MaleVMSTZones
Hank Mierzwa61MaleSTONZones
Kristin Milner25FemaleVMSTZones
Alison Moore40FemaleVMSTZones
Danielle Myers26FemaleVMSTNationals
Bill Nelson58MaleVMSTZones
Rachel Nelson19FemaleVMSTZones
Suzanne Newell52FemaleVMSTNationals
Boyd Orr25MaleVMSTNationals
Kathryn Page62FemaleVMSTZones
Kelly Parker Palace49FemaleVMSTY Masters Nationals
Scott Rhodes27MaleVMSTZones
Robert Romo52MaleVMSTZones
Stacey Russello47FemaleSNOWNationals
Claire Russo27FemaleVMSTZones
Beth Schreiner70FemaleVMSTZones & Nationals
Dick Scott75MaleVMSTZones
Drew Shattuck42MaleSUNFZones
Harry Sober68MaleVMSTZones
Nancy Speer48FemaleVMSTZones
Chris Stevenson46MaleVMSTNationals
Shannon Stewart30FemaleVMSTZones
Jonathan Stone29MaleSUNFZones
Bud Swiger54MaleVMSTZones
Charles Tupitza56MaleWAVAZones & Nationals
Betsy Turner27FemaleVMSTNationals
Robert Turner50MaleVMSTZones
David Vaughn46MaleUNATNationals
Raj Verma37MaleUNATZones
Karri Voskuhl26FemaleWAVAZones
Laura Walker73FemaleVMSTZones
Tom Woods68MaleVMSTNationals
Christine Worrell50FemaleVMSTZones
Jeremy Worst48MaleWAVAZones


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