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Some Championship Results

Stonwell Victorious! Ginder, Geissinger, deHart, and Mierzwa

There were two championship meets held in mid-April: YMCA Masters Nationals (Apr 14-17) and Colonies Zone SCY Championship (Apr 15-17). An impressive 76 members of our LMSC participated in one of these meets! There were a lot of fast swims, too: 30 new LMSC records! See the table below for a complete list of new LMSC records set at the meet.

The official results for Zones have been posted. Twenty-three new LMSC records were set, with noteworthy performances from Shirley Loftus-Charley (5 new records), Caycee Buscaglia and Calvin Barnes (4 new records each). Team results aren’t complete yet, but it appears that Virginia Masters (VMST) captured third place overall, while Stonewall Masters (STON) won first place in the small-club category, with Quest Masters (QMST) coming in second. Congratulations to STON members Peter De Hart, John Geissinger, Michael Ginder and Hank Mierzwa for showing that you don’t have to be a member of a large club to make a big splash at Zones!

Some of the fun was captured in photos taken by Bud Swiger, as well as the video below (provided by Kirk Clear) showing 25+ Men 200 Medley Relays by VMST and STON. Great racing, everyone!

Fewer people (13) from our LMSC travelled to Y-Nationals, but I’m sure they thoroughly enjoyed the location in sunny Ft. Lauderdale! Official results have been posted for the meet. A group of VMST swimmers who train together competed for the Northern Neck YMCA, turning in some excellent swims. Seven new LMSC records were set, four by Kelly Parker Palace and three by Scott Kauffman. Some nice photos have been posted.

Any more photos or videos taken at either of these events that you want to share? Please send them to me!

New LMSC Records set at Zones and Y-Nationals

Age GroupGenderCourseEventTimeNameMeet
85-89MenSCY100 Free1:47.03Calvin BarnesColonies Zone Championship
85-89MenSCY200 Free3:44.80Calvin BarnesColonies Zone Championship
85-89MenSCY500 Free9:11.45Calvin BarnesColonies Zone Championship
85-89MenSCY1000 Free20:24.94Calvin BarnesColonies Zone Championship
50-54WomenSCY100 Back1:11.08Lisa BennettColonies Zone Championship
45-49WomenSCY50 Back31.08Caycee BuscagliaColonies Zone Championship
45-49WomenSCY100 Back1:08.15Caycee BuscagliaColonies Zone Championship
45-49WomenSCY200 Back2:31.47Caycee BuscagliaColonies Zone Championship
45-49WomenSCY400 IM5:29.70Caycee BuscagliaColonies Zone Championship
75-79WomenSCY100 Free1:17.32Johnnie DetrickColonies Zone Championship
75-79WomenSCY200 Breast3:49.28Johnnie DetrickColonies Zone Championship
75-79WomenSCY50 Fly53.53Johnnie DetrickColonies Zone Championship
18-24MenSCY100 Free49.14John GeissingerColonies Zone Championship
60-64MenSCY50 Free24.16Scott KauffmanYMCA Masters Nationals
60-64MenSCY100 Free54.55Scott KauffmanYMCA Masters Nationals
60-64MenSCY50 Fly26.99Scott KauffmanYMCA Masters Nationals
55-59WomenSCY500 Free5:54.39Shirley Loftus-CharleyColonies Zone Championship
55-59WomenSCY1000 Free11:49.98Shirley Loftus-CharleyColonies Zone Championship
55-59WomenSCY50 Back37.20Shirley Loftus-CharleyColonies Zone Championship
55-59WomenSCY100 Breast1:24.80Shirley Loftus-CharleyColonies Zone Championship
55-59WomenSCY200 Breast2:58.21Shirley Loftus-CharleyColonies Zone Championship
18-24WomenSCY50 Fly27.58Rachel NelsonColonies Zone Championship
45-49WomenSCY50 Free27.35Kelly Parker PalaceYMCA Masters Nationals
45-49WomenSCY100 Free58.76Kelly Parker PalaceYMCA Masters Nationals
45-49WomenSCY200 Free2:05.36Kelly Parker PalaceYMCA Masters Nationals
45-49WomenSCY500 Free5:31.34Kelly Parker PalaceYMCA Masters Nationals
70-74WomenSCY50 Free32.12Beth SchreinerColonies Zone Championship
70-74WomenSCY200 Free2:47.81Beth SchreinerColonies Zone Championship
70-74WomenSCY500 Free7:34.77Beth SchreinerColonies Zone Championship
75+MenSCY200 Free Relay3:03.29Barnes, Scott, Maher, LyonsColonies Zone Championship


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