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Potomac River Sharkfest Results

At least 10 members of our LMSC (out of 96 total participants) competed in the first-ever Potomac River Sharkfest! This was a 3K swim across the Potomac River from Maryland to Virginia, swimming parallel to the Harry Nice Bridge. This was a fun and well-organized race; it is a worthy addition to your Open Water calendar next year. The complete results have been added to our website, and are shown below for our members. Val Van Horn Pate of VMST was the fastest overall female swimmer!

Results for our members only are shown below. Did I miss anyone? Contact me!

NameClubTimeAge GroupGenderPlace in age group (overall)
Anne KoepfingerUNAT1:17:0640-44F4 (88)
Val Van Horn PateVMST0:40:5945-49F1 (9) - top female!
Laura JonesUNAT0:53:2045-49F3 (31)
Eileen SpanWMS0:53:3545-49F4 (32)
Chris StevensonVMST0:37:3445-49M1 (2)
Rob JonesUNAT0:38:4445-49M2 (4)
Mark RaifordWAVA0:56:2145-49M8 (42)
Shannon VarnerUNAT0:40:2250-54M1 (7)
Alexander LaughlinUNAT1:02:1250-54M6 (58)
Ken NovellVMST0:48:4365-69M1 (20)


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