Jack King Ocean Swim

Jack King 2011 Epilogue

The results for Jack King have been finalized and are available on our website. Below is a message from race director June McDaniels. See you next year!

Thank you for making the 2011 Jack King the best ever! We had 143 finishers this year, the largest number we’ve had in many years! Our female winner was Val Van Horn Pate in the time of 27:30. This was Val’s 5th Jack King victory; Her first win was in 1989. Congratulations Val! Our male winner was Jim McFarland in the time of 24:34. Though Jim swims the Jack King nearly ever year, this was his first win. At 53 years young, that’s pretty darn amazing. Congratulations Jim!

Many thanks to our amazing volunteers, Christine Morris and her husband Tom Kochaba AND Christine’s two sisters, Helen and Margaret Ann, and Mary Ann Peterson and her husband Amos and son Zach Peterson, and Matt Bickley and his wife Kim, and my Mom Betty Barrett (90 years young!) and my sister Sara. Many of you helped to clean up after the race, and we truly appreciate it. Tom Gill and the Virginia Beach lifeguards deserve a huge round of applause for guarding us, and guiding us, during the race. Thank you Tom for going above and beyond. We appreciate it!

Finally, some may wonder why an eagle adorns this year’s Jack King T-shirts. The photo honors the Norfolk Botanical Gardens mother eagle who was struck by an airplane in late April. She was the star of the Eagle Cam at the Norfolk Botanical Gardens, the first Eagle Cam in the country (I believe). WVEC, NBG, and DGIF have monitored her nest since 2003, and we all knew her as Mom Extraordinaire! She and her mate of eight years were raising 3 eaglets when she was hit by a plane at the Norfolk Airport in April. Eagle Cam watchers were heartbroken. The Dad came back to feed the eaglets but wildlife officials thought it best to take the eaglets to the rehab center in Waynesboro. They will be released in August. Heartbroken but dedicated fans of the Eagle Cam raised over $350,000 for the Botanical Gardens and the Wildlife Center of Virginia. The eaglets are still on the WVEC Eagle Cam (WVEC.com) and Dad can be seen in the Gardens (when he decides to visit). He flew above during the Native American ceremony at the Gardens for the Mom. This story exemplifies what I love about Virginia. As sad a story as it was, it brought so many folks together in a very positive and meaningful way!

The Jack King One Mile Ocean Swim continues to celebrate Virginia’s many natural as well as artistic resources. Our awards this year are duck decoys made by the artists and carvers at Three Points Design in Virginia Beach. Jac and Patricia Johnson, the owners of Three Points Design, are nationally known artists who continue the Virginia tradition of carving decoys and other fanciful folk art, just as Patricia’s father did.



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