The Manly Art of Leg-Shaving

So, guys, the tech suits are long gone: how’s the shaving going?

If you’ve never shaved your legs (and arms and torso) before swimming, you should give it a try on your next taper meet: it is an incredible feeling and it definitely (ahem) shaves your time in the pool. But the process isn’t easy, especially for beginners!

Fortunately, Gus (of the Swim Brief Crew) has recently posted a blog about the process. It is very funny but also has some useful advice.

Swimmers aren’t the only male athletes to shave. Cyclists do it too — in fact, some claim that male cyclists started shaving their legs before the practice became commonplace among women. Since many cyclists repeat the process much more frequently than swimmers, it stands to reason that they may be pretty adept at it. This article, and the embedded video below, gives more shaving tips. There is also a sidebar on the benefits that cyclists gain, and some of them (eg, massage) apply to swimmers as well.


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