LMSC Annual Meeting

The annual meeting of the LMSC Board of Directors will be held Saturday, October 29, at 13441 Stonegate Rd., Midlothian, VA 23113. The By-Laws require a minimum of one meeting each year; the LMSC Board of Directors consists of:

  • The elected officers: Patty Miller (Chair), Charlie Tupitza (Vice Chair), Charlie Cockrell (Treasurer), Dave Holland (Secretary).
  • The following committee chairs: Judy Martin (Sanctions chair), Pam Dameron (Fitness chair), Jay Peluso (Coaches chair). Note that multi-talented officers Charlie Cockrell and Dave Holland are also the Officials and Long Distance chairs, respectively.
  • Betsy Durrant (Newsletter editor), Chris Stevenson (Webmaster and Top Ten Recorder), Lisa Bennett (Registrar)
  • Club representatives. All clubs with a membership of 10 or more swimmers are entitled to have a representative as a voting board member; clubs with over 200 members can have a second representative. LMSC clubs, with a list of registered members, are listed here.
Here is the meeting agenda:
  1. Roll call
  2. Reading, correction and adoption of minutes
  3. Reports of Officers
  4. Reports of Committee chairs
  5. Unfinished business
  6. New business
  7. Resolutions and orders
  8. Adjournment

Reports will be posted prior to the meeting as they become available. Please contact your club representative (if s/he is attending) or one of us if you have an issue that you think the Board should address.


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