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VMST Annual Fall Meet Results

Results from the VMST 31st Annual Fall Swim Meet, held Nov 5 in Virginia Beach, have been uploaded. 88 swimmers representing 13 clubs participated in this SCM swim meet, 81 from our LMSC and 54 from VMST alone. Check out the photos!

There was a lot of fast swimming: 46 new LMSC records (38 individual, 8 relay), including two new USMS records! Shirley Loftus-Charley was amazing, setting 9 new LMSC records and a USMS record in the 200 breststroke. The other USMS record was set in the 400 Medley Relay by the VMST foursome of Marianna Berkley, Miriam Tuovila, Ida Hlavacek, and Jeanne Meredith. Other impressive performances were given by Maura Bolger (5 new LMSC records), Lisa Bennett and Johnnie Detrick (4 records each). The full slate of new LMSC records are shown below.

Congratulations to all participants! And, as always, special thanks to all the volunteers who made it happen.

New LMSC Records

Age GroupGenderCourseEventTimeName
30-34MenSCM200 Back2:20.29Adam Barley
30-34MenSCM200 Breast2:38.31Adam Barley
55-59WomenSCM50 Free31.28Lisa Bennett
55-59WomenSCM50 Breast40.49Lisa Bennett
55-59WomenSCM100 Breast1:28.43Lisa Bennett
55-59WomenSCM200 Breast3:13.57Lisa Bennett
30-34WomenSCM400 Free4:54.54Maura Bolger
30-34WomenSCM800 Free9:57.80Maura Bolger
30-34WomenSCM1500 Free18:38.38Maura Bolger
30-34WomenSCM200 Fly2:29.28Maura Bolger
30-34WomenSCM400 IM5:18.55Maura Bolger
65-69MenSCM800 Free12:31.77Warner Brundage
25-29MenSCM1500 Free19:25.76Craig Charley
75-79WomenSCM50 Back55.62Johnnie Detrick
75-79WomenSCM100 Breast1:57.94Johnnie Detrick
75-79WomenSCM50 Fly1:01.26Johnnie Detrick
75-79WomenSCM200 IM4:07.63Johnnie Detrick
70-74WomenSCM400 Free7:00.82Betsy Durrant
60-64WomenSCM200 Free2:32.22Shirley Loftus-Charley
60-64WomenSCM400 Free5:17.88Shirley Loftus-Charley
60-64WomenSCM800 Free10:39.12Shirley Loftus-Charley
60-64WomenSCM1500 Free19:59.92Shirley Loftus-Charley
60-64WomenSCM200 Back3:00.89Shirley Loftus-Charley
60-64WomenSCM50 Breast45.99Shirley Loftus-Charley
60-64WomenSCM100 Breast1:35.83Shirley Loftus-Charley
60-64WomenSCM200 Breast3:17.73Shirley Loftus-Charley
60-64WomenSCM100 IM1:24.67Shirley Loftus-Charley
50-54MenSCM50 Back32.12David Malsbury
50-54MenSCM50 Breast35.33David Malsbury
18-24WomenSCM800 Free12:38.85Maria Martinez
18-24WomenSCM1500 Free24:16.62Maria Martinez
25-29MenSCM50 Back27.49Kevin Mukri
25-29MenSCM100 Back59.38Kevin Mukri
25-29WomenSCM800 Free9:51.62Danielle Myers
25-29WomenSCM400 IM5:32.11Danielle Myers
35-39MenSCM100 Breast1:15.14Christopher Scharver
18-24WomenSCM100 Back1:14.76Kim Thoresen
18-24WomenSCM200 Back2:41.92Christina Thoresen
72-99WomenSCM200 Medley Relay2:29.57Anastasio, Tanner, Cavazos, Brown
120-159WomenSCM400 Free Relay5:59.18Benn, Rotch, Flannery, Benn
160-199WomenSCM400 Free Relay5:35.52Kelley, Locher, Raab, Nefczyk
280-319WomenSCM200 Medley Relay3:23.41Martin, Detrick, Marens, Walker
320-359WomenSCM400 Medley Relay9:55.29Berkley, Tuovila, Hlavacek, Meredith
280-319MixedSCM200 Free Relay3:39.61Newbury, Averette, Sokolik, Maher
280-319MixedSCM200 Medley Relay4:00.17Gregory, Scott, Broderick, Miller
240-279MenSCM400 Free Relay5:57.82Maher, Newbury, Swiger, Romo


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