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Postal events are a way to experience the motivational aspects of competition in the company of friends or teammates in your own pool. The most popular postal event is the One Hour Postal National Championship, which is set to run from January 1-31. Start off your new year with a bang! The way it works is that you complete the event and then you submit your results. Individual entries (online, paper) are due Feb 10 while relay entries (online, paper) are due Feb 20. You need to document your swim, so be sure to read the instructions carefully before doing it.

Need to set a goal time? Use this handy pace chart.

Some of our members are no strangers to postal events! Recently, 12 LMSC swimmers competed the 3000 yd postal national championships (held Sept 15 – Nov 15): four swimmers each from RCA, STON and VMST. Preliminary results have been posted, and it looks like Pieter de Hart, Maura Bolger and Shirley Loftus-Charley all won national titles. Shirley actually achieved this feat in two different age groups, which is possible because she aged up during the competition and did the event again. Furthermore, her time in the 60-64 age group set a new national record!

Six of these swimmers ALSO competed in the postal 6000 yd competition, held during the same time span; Pieter and Shirley won those events too (Shirley once again in two different age groups, setting another national mark), and they were joined by Craig Charley and Elizabeth Cohen as national champions!


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