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LMSC Top Ten Submissions Preview

The LMSC submissions of times for Top Ten consideration for the 2011 short course meters season (SCM11) are due in mid-January. The submissions have been prepared for individual and relay swims; please examine them and contact the LMSC top ten recorder by January 10 if you have any questions or corrections.

What is included:

  • All times from all sanctioned meets that occurred in the Virginia LMSC in the 2011 calendar year. The submission includes times from all USMS members who competed in these meets. There was only one sanctioned SCM meet during that time: the VMST Annual Fall Swim Meet, which took place on Nov 5 in Virginia Beach.
  • Times for LMSC members in selected recognized meets, whether or not they were held within the LMSC boundaries. These include USA-S and international meets. It is the responsibility of members to alert the LMSC top ten recorder about these meets and to collect any necessary pool measurements.
  • All valid split requests from the above meets. A valid request is one submitted to the meet referee by the end of the meet (except for backstroke splits and relay leadoffs; these must be submitted before the event). The referee must then examine the split and approve it as a valid official time.
What is not included:
  • Results and splits from 2011 SCM meets sanctioned in other LMSCs. These will be submitted by the top ten recorder from the host LMSC.


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