Block Training

One of the best ways to become fit and to achieve our swimming goals is to make a trip to the pool a consistent part of our routine. But some of us have schedules — due to family, work or other reasons — that make it difficult to get to the pool on a regular basis. In particular, you might have extended period of time when you simply cannot get to the pool, followed by a period of time with more free time.

Cycling coach Fred Matheny advises turning this situation into a positive through a concept called block training. While his advice is aimed for cycling, there is no reason the same principles cannot be applied to other sports. The idea is to train especially hard during the “more free time” and use the other time for recovery.

Even if your schedule isn’t divided into such “blocks,” this training concept might be useful. Recovery time is important: it is the time you actually get stronger and faster. And using the block-training concept might even better prepare you to perform well at the end of a multi-day meet like Zone or National Championships.


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