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Swimming with a team and a coach on deck is great, but there are times when solo workouts are required. When that happens, you should head over to the USMS Workout Discussion forums for your workout. There is a great array of workout themes available to USMS members for a variety of swimming levels and goals. USMS coaches can probably get a lot of great ideas for sets to adapt for their swimmers, too.

  • Basic Training for the New Swimmer by Laura Schuster. Coach Sue is an accomplished triathlete and has been coaching with Mountain View Masters since 2001. She focuses on athletes who are new to swimming and creates workouts to improve technique and endurance. Laura’s workouts are geared toward the new swimmer who is still figuring out the basics of the sport.
  • Stroke and IM Workouts by Eric Mitchell. Eric’s workouts are geared toward competitive IM and stroke swimmers. The workouts are designed to help swimmers work on mechanics and technique while increasing aerobic and anaerobic training capacities.
  • Open Water Workouts by Mallory Mead. Are you training for an open water event? If so, you can find workouts here that are designed specifically for open water swimmers. Mallory is an accomplished open water swimmer and coach who specializes in working with beginners, triathletes and open water swimmers.
  • High Intensity Training by Leslie Livingston. Leslie is a self-coached sprint specialist who emphasizes race-pace training and underwater dolphin kicking. Her workouts focus on high-intensity training for the competitive sprinter.
  • High Volume Workouts by Patrick Brundage. Patrick’s workouts are tailored to distance swimmers who love to swim in the “animal lane”. (The surname may sound familiar: Patrick grew up in Richmond and is the son of VMST member Warner Brundage.)
  • Triathlon Training by Sara McLarty Sara’s workouts showcase her philosophy of providing creative and challenging activities for triathletes and swimmers of all ability levels.
  • Workouts for Expectant Mothers by Danielle Newton. Danielle’s workouts are geared toward expectant mothers of all abilities. A new mother in March 2011, Danielle believes that maintaining one’s fitness level during pregnancy is important, and designs her workouts with health and enjoyment for both expectant moms and babies in mind.

Two other long-running threads provide consistently great workouts and are updated frequently: Tall Pauls Favorite Workouts and/or Sets by Paul Smith, and Betsy’s 1-Hr Workouts by our very own Betsy Durrant.


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