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One Hour Postal Results

The results of the One Hour Postal National Championships are available. This is the largest national championship sanctioned by USMS. There were 37 LMSC members who participated, representing 5 clubs: VMST (21 swimmers), RCA (4), FSYM (3), URMS (1) and WAVA (1); 7 LMSC members swam unattached.

Complete results for our swimmers are in the table below. Top ten finishers in their age groups include Marianna Berkley, Amy Charley, Charlotte Hollings, Shirley Loftus-Charley, and Claire Russo. Amy went the furthest (4885 yd) of all LMSC swimmers, male or female, while 89-year-old Marianna was the oldest swimmer of the bunch. Shirley had the highest placing (2nd) in her age group and was under the previous national record.

The one-hour postal is one of the most challenging competitive events; congratulations to all the participants!

One Hour Postal LMSC Results

Age GoupGenderPlaceNameAgeClubDistance
85-89Women3Marianna Berkley89VMST1,785
50-54Men31Matthew Bickley50VMST4,520
65-69Men25Sam Blood66UNAT3,625
70-74Women15Kathleen Broderick73VMST2,685
40-44Men128Chris Brown43FSYM3,220
25-29Women6Amy Charley26VMST4,885
25-29Men11Craig Charley28RCA4,660
35-39Men49Aaron Church36UNAT4,050
40-44Men54Charles Cockrell43VMST4,200
75-79Women15Pauli Dillard75VMST1,725
30-34Women29Erin Ferer32UNAT4,215
50-54Women126Betsy Goode52VMST3,495
40-44Women102Lisa Greer41RCA3,500
55-59Women130Kathy Gregory55UNAT2,925
45-49Women71Kim Guenther49VMST3,825
45-49Men41Gregory Harris48VMST4,555
35-39Women103Susan Harrison37RCA3,185
45-49Women8Charlotte Hollings47VMST4,795
55-59Men178Larry Hutton55UNAT2,660
45-49Women173Martha Little47VMST3,100
60-64Women2Shirley Loftus-Charley60VMST4,740
55-59Women129Deborah Lutz55FSYM2,930
65-69Women56Ellen Martin65RCA1,635
80-84Women7Jeanne Meredith83VMST2,385
50-54Men178David Murray54URMS3,350
55-59Men127Bill Nelson58VMST3,485
65-69Men67Charles Orrock68FSYM2,020
50-54Women59Mary Ann Peterson51VMST3,935
60-64Women113Cheryl Ptak64VMST1,575
50-54Women222Margaret Radcliffe50VMST2,550
25-29Women10Claire Russo28VMST4,605
60-64Women103Patricia Sikora60VMST2,225
45-49Women41Nancy Speer49VMST4,085
65-69Women52Arlien Steiner69UNAT1,840
50-54Men105Ted Sweetland52UNAT3,950
50-54Men130Simon Thornton52WAVA3,680
70-74Women18Laura Walker74VMST2,635


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