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March Madness! Recent Results

Things got a little crazy in March, with four different meets within driving distance of our LMSC! There was a lot of fast swimming; the results have been uploaded and the 18 new LMSC records set in March are shown in the table below.

  • The Frank Clark Masters Open was held on Mar 3 in Greensboro, NC, in the same pool that will be used for USMS Spring Nationals. 15 members of our LMSC attended, representing VMST (11) and STON (4).
  • The WAVA Dreaming of Spring Meet was held on Mar 4 in Warrenton, VA. 53 members of our LMSC, representing SUNF (10), VMST (23) and WAVA (12), attended the meet. Looks like everyone had a fun time, if the photos are any indication.
  • The ANCM Albatross Open, a popular early SCM meet, was held Mar 17 in Bethesda, MD. 11 LMSC members attended, 3 unattached and 8 of them from VMST.
  • Finally, the RCA Dive Into Spring Meet was held Mar 25 in Lexington, VA. The meet is growing: 69 people attended this year, 60 from our LMSC. Teams represented were QMST (1), RCA (13), STON (3), SUNF (1), and VMST (27).
As shown below, there was plenty of fast swimming at these meets, led by Shirley Loftus-Charley and Edward Gaulrapp. Great job, everybody! If you have any photos you would like to share, let me know.
Age GroupGenderCourseEventTimeNameMeetDate Set
65-69MenSCM100 Fly1:41.79James DavisAlbatross Open3/17/12
75-79WomenSCY50 Free34.44Johnnie DetrickFrank Clark Masters Open3/3/12
75-79WomenSCM100 Free1:28.71Johnnie DetrickAlbatross Open3/17/12
70-74WomenSCY1000 Free16:30.45Betsy DurrantFrank Clark Masters Open3/3/12
70-74MenSCM200 Breast3:52.82Edward GaulrappAlbatross Open3/17/12
70-74MenSCM100 Fly1:47.93Edward GaulrappAlbatross Open3/17/12
70-74MenSCM200 Fly4:09.57Edward GaulrappAlbatross Open3/17/12
70-74MenSCM200 IM3:47.17Edward GaulrappAlbatross Open3/17/12
60-64WomenSCY50 Free30.54Shirley Loftus-CharleyRCA Dive Into Spring3/25/12
60-64WomenSCY500 Free5:56.62Shirley Loftus-CharleyRCA Dive Into Spring3/25/12
60-64WomenSCY50 Back37.50Shirley Loftus-CharleyRCA Dive Into Spring3/25/12
60-64WomenSCY100 Breast1:25.98Shirley Loftus-CharleyRCA Dive Into Spring3/25/12
60-64WomenSCY400 IM5:33.25Shirley Loftus-CharleyRCA Dive Into Spring3/25/12
60-64WomenSCM200 Free2:31.02Shirley Loftus-CharleyAlbatross Open3/17/12
60-64WomenSCM200 Back3:00.78Shirley Loftus-CharleyAlbatross Open3/17/12
50-54MenSCM50 Breast34.37David MalsburyAlbatross Open3/17/12
60-64MenSCM100 Fly1:14.55John MccorkleAlbatross Open3/17/12
45-49WomenSCY50 Free26.57Annette PattersonRCA Dive Into Spring3/25/12


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