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2012 Short Course Championship Meets

The 2011-12 Short-Course Yards season ends on June 1, but not before some fast championship meets! Arguably the two most important to our LMSC are Colonies Zone SCY Championship, on Apr 13-15 in Fairfax, VA, and USMS Spring Nationals, which runs Apr 26-29 in Greensboro, NC. Many LMSC members will be competing in one or both of these events.

Zone Championship: Of the 400+ swimmers congregating at the GMUP pool in Fairfax, 59 of them will hail from our LMSC, representing 5 clubs : QMST (5), STON (2), SUNF (5), VMST (37), and WAVA (4), with 6 members swimming unattached. Check out the meet roster here, and see how your teammates are doing by following the real-time results. (Note: the meet/team roster here only includes those who registered online, not those who mailed in their entries.)

National Championship: We have a big group heading down to North Carolina: 105 swimmers (out of 1850+ total) representing CFYM (3), FSYM (4), QMST (7), STON (6), SUNF (1), URMS (1), VMST (71), VTAC (1) and WAVA (1), plus 10 swimmers competing unattached. Click here to find the roster for a particular club, and follow the real-time results as the meet progresses.

The list of the championship competitors — 138 of them, some of whom are swimming in both meets– is given below. Use the search box to filter by club or meet, or click on the column heading to sort. Wish them luck next time you see them in the pool! Contact me if anyone is missing from this list.

David Abineri68MaleUNATNats
Anne Alfieri52FemaleUNATNats
Joan Averette75FemaleVMSTNats
Jennifer Ayala42FemaleVMSTNats
Adam Barley30MaleVMSTZones, Nats
Marcia Barry63FemaleVMSTNats
Clay Beall65MaleVMSTZones
Cheryl Benn58FemaleVMSTZones
Marianna Berkley89FemaleVMSTNats
Nancy Betts55FemaleVMSTNats
Molly Dean Bittner46FemaleVMSTNats
Maura Bolger30FemaleVMSTNats
Kitten Braaten56FemaleVMSTZones, Nats
Patrick Bradley46MaleSTONZones, Nats
Caycee Buscaglia47FemaleQMSTNats
Lynda Calkins61FemaleVMSTNats
Amy Charley26FemaleVMSTNats
Josh Cheatham30MaleUNATZones
Kirk Clear44MaleVMSTZones, Nats
Bradley Convis50MaleWAVAZones, Nats
Jorge Cortina53MaleUNATNats
Jenny de Hart34FemaleSTONNats
Pieter de Hart33MaleSTONZones, Nats
Rebecca Deacon23FemaleVMSTNats
Johnnie Detrick76FemaleVMSTNats
Jean Donis41FemaleUNATZones
Betsy Durrant70FemaleVMSTZones, Nats
Steve Eliasek43MaleQMSTZones, Nats
Samuel Finz67MaleVMSTZones
Rebecca Franklin43FemaleVMSTZones, Nats
David Frisch62MaleVMSTZones, Nats
Chris Frogley68MaleVMSTNats
Dan Gallagher24MaleVTACNats
Edward Gaulrapp69MaleVMSTZones
Terry Sue Gault61FemaleVMSTNats
Todd Goins50MaleSUNFZones
Stephen Gomez24MaleVMSTNats
Lucille Griffin73FemaleVMSTNats
Francis Hall85MaleVMSTNats
Megan Hall29FemaleVMSTNats
April Hamilton45FemaleCFYMNats
Channing Hardin20MaleFSYMNats
Gregory Harris48MaleVMSTZones, Nats
Ralph Hellmann50MaleUNATNats
Brandon Hendrickson24MaleUNATZones
Kate Hibbard27FemaleVMSTNats
Donna Hodgert44FemaleVMSTNats
Brian Hofmann24MaleVMSTNats
Dave Holland44MaleVMSTNats
Nancy Horvatic48FemaleSUNFZones
Amy Howard47FemaleQMSTZones, Nats
Kristan Jacobson39FemaleQMSTZones, Nats
Debbie Jaeger49FemaleVMSTZones, Nats
Rebecca St Jean41FemaleCFYMNats
Chris John39MaleVMSTNats
Jenny John41FemaleVMSTNats
Laura Jones46FemaleVMSTNats
Rob Jones47MaleUNATZones, Nats
Karen Kaufmann47FemaleVMSTNats
Jenny Kellinger49FemaleVMSTNats
Kaymee Kelly27FemaleCFYMNats
Wilton Kennedy50MaleVMSTNats
Tory Kiley51FemaleUNATNats
Mike King38MaleWAVAZones
Maggie Lamb34FemaleVMSTNats
Lee Lewis38MaleVMSTNats
Shirley Loftus-Charley60FemaleVMSTZones, Nats
Glenn Lovette57MaleUNATNats
Steven Lutz57MaleFSYMNats
Thomas Lyons78MaleVMSTZones, Nats
Owen Maher77MaleVMSTZones, Nats
David Malsbury50MaleVMSTNats
Cleary Maly42FemaleQMSTZones, Nats
Judy Martin69FemaleVMSTZones, Nats
Maria Martinez21FemaleQMSTZones, Nats
Christopher Massonneau53MaleVMSTZones
Leslie Mastropaolo38FemaleVMSTZones
Kevin Mautte28MaleURMSNats
John Mccorkle60MaleVMSTZones
Jim McFarland53MaleVMSTNats
Paul McGraw30MaleVMSTZones
Hank Mierzwa62MaleSTONNats
Jim Miller61MaleVMSTZones, Nats
Patricia Miller51FemaleVMSTZones, Nats
Alison Moore41FemaleVMSTZones
Deanne Moosman33FemaleSTONNats
Danielle Myers27FemaleVMSTNats
Julia Nefczyk43FemaleVMSTZones
Bill Nelson59MaleVMSTZones
Alfred Newbury78MaleVMSTNats
Ken Novell69MaleVMSTZones
Amy Olinger47FemaleFSYMNats
Charles Orrock68MaleFSYMNats
Pauline Owen39FemaleUNATZones
Katy Page63FemaleVMSTZones
Annette Patterson46FemaleVMSTNats
Alice Phillips46FemaleVMSTNats
Sandy Powers55FemaleUNATNats
Cheryl Ptak64FemaleVMSTNats
Robert Romo53MaleVMSTZones
Carl Russ76MaleVMSTNats
Claire Russo28FemaleVMSTNats
John Salmon43MaleUNATNats
Beth Schreiner71FemaleVMSTZones, Nats
Cary Severt41MaleVMSTZones
Drew Shattuck43MaleSUNFNats
Ahmed Shinaishin44MaleSUNFZones
Harry Sober69MaleVMSTZones
Terry Sokolik84FemaleVMSTNats
Eileen Span46FemaleVMSTZones
Nancy Speer49FemaleVMSTNats
Kurt Sprenger41MaleVMSTNats
Justin Stauder24MaleVMSTNats
Heather Stevenson52FemaleVMSTNats
Shannon Stewart31FemaleVMSTZones
Barbara Streater41FemaleVMSTNats
Daniel Summerlin39MaleVMSTNats
Shannon Summerlin39FemaleVMSTNats
Ralph Swiger55MaleVMSTZones
Melissa Tallent37FemaleVMSTNats
Courtney Thompson44FemaleUNATNats
William Throne55MaleVMSTNats
Erin Tudor25FemaleVMSTNats
Betsy Turner27FemaleVMSTNats
Ted Turner51MaleVMSTZones
David Vaughn47MaleVMSTNats
Raj Verma38MaleUNATZones
Laura Walker74FemaleVMSTZones, Nats
Katie Webb32FemaleVMSTNats
Kami Whitney34FemaleWAVAZones
Randolph Wise70MaleVMSTZones, Nats
Tom Woods69MaleVMSTNats
Jeremy Worst49MaleWAVAZones
Kristin Milner26FemaleVMSTNats
Michael Ginder27MaleSTONNats
Pam Dameron66FemaleQMSTNats
Samantha Arnold18FemaleSUNFZones
Scott Arnold52MaleSUNFZones


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