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USMS Spring Nationals Results

The 2012 USMS Spring (SCY) National Championship was held April 26-29. There were 105 LMSC members entered in the meet, and those that made the trip to Greensboro, NC, were treated to quite a show! The official results are now available.

VMST won the the “local club” category, almost doubling the score of the nearest competitor; VMST also had the highest the women team score and the second highest men’s score.

Nine swimmers, all from VMST, won at least one individual national championship title: Marianna Berkley, Maura Bolger, Johnnie Detrick, Betsy Durrant, Donna Hodgert, Chris John, Shirley Loftus-Charley, Danielle Myers, Beth Shreiner, and Dan Summerlin. Johnnie, Shirley and Beth led the way with 4 titles apiece, while Maura was close behind with 3 victories.

Three 75+ relay teams, all from VMST, won national relay titles: the 75+ women won both free and medley relays, while a mixed 75+ relay won the free relay. Joining Marianna and Johnnie on those relays were Joan Averette, Owen MaherThomas Lyons, and Terry Sokolik.

There was some fast swimming going on in the new aquatic center! Who could forget the 200 free relay with Nick Brunelli, Josh Schneider and Cullen Jones of the MAC-elite team all throwing down sub-20 splits in the 50 free? But our own swimmers had their share of eye-popping swims, setting an amazing 58 new LMSC records over the weekend (43 individual, 15 relay). Maura and Annette Patterson led the way with 5 records apiece, while Danielle, Shirley and Beth each set 4 new records. One of Shirley’s new LMSC records was also a new national record, breaking her own mark set at the David Gregg meet in February. In all, 19 swimmers set at least one new individual LMSC record; the complete list of all record-breaking swims is given below.

Congratulations to all the participants! Some photos have been uploaded; if you have any photos or videos to share, please let me know.

Age GroupGenderCourseEventTimeName
30-34MenSCY400 IM4:16.74Adam Barley
60-64WomenSCY50 Back36.94Marcia Barry
30-34WomenSCY200 Free1:58.35Maura Bolger
30-34WomenSCY100 Fly1:00.17Maura Bolger
30-34WomenSCY200 Fly2:12.37Maura Bolger
30-34WomenSCY200 IM2:14.62Maura Bolger
30-34WomenSCY400 IM4:44.90Maura Bolger
75-79WomenSCY200 Free3:03.03Johnnie Detrick
75-79WomenSCY50 Breast48.13Johnnie Detrick
75-79WomenSCY100 IM1:38.05Johnnie Detrick
70-74WomenSCY1650 Free26:53.60Betsy Durrant
18-24MenSCY200 Back2:02.24Dan Gallagher
70-74WomenSCY200 Fly3:33.51Lucille Griffin
85-89MenSCY50 Free45.33Francis Hall
85-89MenSCY100 Free1:45.85Francis Hall
45-49MenSCY100 Free50.62Rob Jones
60-64WomenSCY1000 Free12:06.00Shirley Loftus-Charley
60-64WomenSCY200 Back2:38.63Shirley Loftus-Charley
60-64WomenSCY100 Breast1:24.75Shirley Loftus-Charley
60-64WomenSCY200 Breast2:57.39Shirley Loftus-Charley
50-54MenSCY50 Back26.98David Malsbury
30-34WomenSCY100 Back1:03.97Deanne Moosman
25-29WomenSCY1000 Free11:00.56Danielle Myers
25-29WomenSCY100 Breast1:09.68Danielle Myers
25-29WomenSCY200 Breast2:32.49Danielle Myers
25-29WomenSCY200 Fly2:13.85Danielle Myers
45-49WomenSCY50 Free25.53Annette Patterson
45-49WomenSCY100 Free55.86Annette Patterson
45-49WomenSCY50 Back28.94Annette Patterson
45-49WomenSCY50 Fly28.52Annette Patterson
45-49WomenSCY100 IM1:05.27Annette Patterson
45-49WomenSCY100 Fly1:05.45Alice Phillips
70-74WomenSCY50 Free31.51Beth Schreiner
70-74WomenSCY200 Free2:46.03Beth Schreiner
70-74WomenSCY50 Back40.03Beth Schreiner
70-74WomenSCY100 Back1:29.24Beth Schreiner
18-24MenSCY100 Free47.98Justin Stauder
35-39MenSCY100 Free47.33Daniel Summerlin
35-39MenSCY50 Fly23.69Daniel Summerlin
35-39MenSCY100 IM54.31Daniel Summerlin
70-74MenSCY50 Fly31.59Randolph Wise
70-74MenSCY100 IM1:17.51Randolph Wise
70-74MenSCY200 IM2:58.29Randolph Wise
25+WomenSCY200 Medley Relay1:55.29Hibbard, Russo, Myers, Tudor
45+WomenSCY200 Free Relay1:48.11Phillips, Kellinger, Bittner, Patterson
45+WomenSCY200 Medley Relay2:01.16Patterson, Miller, Phillips, Kellinger
55+WomenSCY200 Free Relay2:08.09Barry, Braaten, Betts, Loftus-Charley
55+WomenSCY200 Medley Relay2:23.43Betts, Loftus-Charley, Braaten, Barry
75+WomenSCY200 Free Relay3:25.88Detrick, Sokolik, Berkley, Averette
35+MixedSCY200 Free Relay1:33.44Summerlin, John, Summerlin, John
35+MixedSCY200 Medley Relay1:44.17John, Summerlin, Summerlin, John
45+MixedSCY200 Free Relay1:39.35Malsbury, Patterson, Phillips, Harris
55+MixedSCY200 Free Relay1:54.27Throne, Frisch, Barry, Loftus-Charley
55+MixedSCY200 Medley Relay2:12.57Betts, Frisch, Throne, Loftus-Charley
75+MixedSCY200 Free Relay2:56.60Averette, Detrick, Lyons, Maher
45+MenSCY200 Free Relay1:37.45Harris, Throne, Malsbury, Kennedy
75+MenSCY200 Free Relay2:55.35Hall, Lyons, Russ, Maher
75+MenSCY200 Medley Relay3:08.55Newbury, Lyons, Maher, Russ


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