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Jim McDonnell Lake Swim Results

Preliminary results for the 25th Anniversary Jim McDonnell Lake swims are available. There were three races — 5K, 1-mi and 2-mi — held May 26-27 in Reston, Virginia. These are popular races: according to the preliminary results, a total of 528 swimmers participated in one or more races over the weekend.

Forty-seven of the swimmers were members of our LMSC, representing BWST (1), FSYM (1), LAMS (1), LTSM (2), POWM (1), RCA (1), SNOW (2), UNAT (25), VMST (10), and WAVA (1). Six diehard members competed in all three of the races: Craig Charley, Sarah Dunstan, Shirley Loftus-Charley, Carolyn Lowe-Thompson, Jim McFarland, and Abby Nunn.

Sarah, Shirley and Abby were dominant, winning all three of their races; in fact, Abby was the top overall finisher in all three of her swims! Jim won two of his races, while Craig took home top honors in one of his races. Other winners from our LMSC included Amy Charley, Lisa Gentile, Kim Guenther, Rob Jones, Christopher Massonneau, and Heather Williams.

Congratulations to all the participants!


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