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Open Water Season Kicks Off

With warmer weather upon us, it is time to think about leaving the confines of the pool behind and venturing out into the open water. Swimming World defines an open water swimmer as someone who swims in natural water bodies, such as oceans, lakes, rivers, and bays, for fitness, pleasure or racing. Some of you maybe have never done an OW race, while others have been patiently been waiting for this time of year. But if you get bored staring down at the dreaded “black line” for lap after lap, or you just want a new challenge, give it a try!

There are plenty of open water events within driving distance on our calendar: just enter the text ‘OW’ into the search box to filter the events. There are a couple of swims in May with entry deadlines approaching, the Centennial Lake 1-mile swim and the Jim McDonnell 1- and 2-mile races.

Open water swimming is quite different from pool swimming, and whether you are a newbie or an experienced swimmer you could probably benefit from the experience of others. World-renowned coach and OW swimmer Steven Munatones has released what promised to be the ultimate textbook of the sport, Open Water Swimming; he discusses it in the brief interview below. If you want some hands-on education, consider signing up for the open water clinic on May 26 in Reston, VA.


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