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Virginia Senior Games Results

Ruth Thompson, Marie Kelleher, and Miriam Tuovila

Results from the Virginia Senior Games, a SCM meet held on May 12 in Richmond, have been uploaded. This was a Recognized meet, meaning that participants did not need to be USMS members. There were 67 swimmers in the meet, 30 of whom were USMS members. Eighteen swimmers hailed from our LMSC, representing five teams: MAC (1), SUNF (1), URMS (1), VMST (11),  and WAVA (1); three other swimmers were unattached.

Those 18 swimmers sure had an outsized impact on the record books, setting 6 new LMSC records. David Malsbury was impressive with his 3 records, while Johnnie Detrick (2) and Stephen Thoresen also pitched in.

But the belle of the ball was surely Marie Kelleher, who set two new national records, becoming the first USMS female to compete in the 100-104 age group! Dave Holland chronicled the historic event, and contributed some photos as well.

What an incredible accomplishment! Congratulations to Marie, and everyone else who participated.


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