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2012 Long Course Championship Meets

Two Long Course Championship meets are coming up in the next month or so, and a handful of swimmers are representing our LMSC in some far-flung locations.

  • First off the blocks is the 14th FINA World Masters Championships, which will be held in Riccione, Italy. The pool swimming championships will take place June 10-16. This is a huge meet, with an astounding 8385 swimmers entered! It is believed to be the largest competitive swimming event ever, and certainly the largest event FINA has ever held. Five LMSC members will be dining on pasta, drinking wine and swimming fast in Italy: Betsy Durrant, Sandy Gelletly (representing his Scottish club), Ida Hlavacek, Susan Marens and Susan Skiff. Turncoat Chris Stevenson will be in Italy as well, representing NC Masters. Psych sheets, and eventually results, can be found here.
  • Next is the 2012 USMS Summer National Championship, July 5-8 in Omaha, Nebraska. Maybe the location isn’t as exotic, but the event will be held in a some fast water, just one week after the USA Olympic Trials are held in the same pool. Some 13 LMSC members will be travelling to Omaha to partake in some pre-Olympics magic: 12 from VMST and 1 swimming Unattached. The complete list is given in the table below. The complete meet roster is available — there are 1257 swimmers entered — and the real-time results will eventually appear here.

The complete list of participants from our LMSC is below; with your teammates luck!

Clifford Arnold59MaleVMSTNats
Adam Barley31MaleVMSTNats
Kitten Braaten57FemaleVMSTNats
Kirk Clear45MaleVMSTNats
Betsy Durrant71FemaleVMSTNats, Worlds
Sandy Galletly70MaleVMSTNats, Worlds
Ralph Hellmann51MaleUNATNats
Ida Hlavacek70FemaleVMSTNats, Worlds
Dave Holland45MaleVMSTNats
Susan Marens70FemaleVMSTWorlds
Danielle Myers28FemaleVMSTNats
Beth Schreiner71FemaleVMSTNats
Susan Skiff58FemaleVMSTWorlds
Ralph Swiger56MaleVMSTNats
Tom Woods69MaleVMSTNats


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