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Great Chesapeake Bay Swim Results

The Great Chesapeake Bay Swim (GCBS) was held on June 10 near Annapolis, Md. This 4.4-mile race, a charitable fund-raiser for the March of Dimes, is one of the premier open water swims in the country. Since the race is limited to 600 entries, a lottery is held to determine the lucky participants; a shorter 1-mile race, the One Mile Bay Challenge, is held for swimmers who were not chosen in the lottery, or who simply wish to swim a shorter event.

This year there were at least 30 LMSC members who were on hand for one of the two swims. The complete list of participants is given in the table below; they represented 8 clubs (ACAM, BWST, LAMS, RCA, SNOW, VMST, WAVA, WMS) with some swimming Unattached. You can enter the team abbreviation in the search box to find out which of your teammates braved the Bay waters.

Four swimmers won their age group in the 4.4 mile GCBS: Rob Jones, Kristine Klammer, Shirley Loftus-Charley, and Abby Nunn. These four were impressive indeed: all of them were among the top 10 finishers in their gender, regardless of age. Rob finished 6th overall, while Abby (9th overall) was the 2nd fastest female swimmer. Sarah Dunstan won her age group in the One Mile Challenge race.

Completing the Bay Swim is very challenging; congratulations to these 30 swimmers for their great accomplishment! If I missed anybody in the list below, please let me know.

NameClubTimeDistance, miAge GroupGenderAG PlaceGender PlaceOverall Place
Robert AckermanWMS2:27:534.440-44Men45301410
Bob AitchesonWMS3:02:514.465-69Men13409589
David BelyeaUNAT1:53:164.450-54Men1182101
Paul BrezaACAM1:53:174.440-44Men1184103
David BrownVMST1:58:304.450-54Men19126159
Craig CharleyRCA1:50:414.425-29Men76680
Rob ColburnLAMS2:27:064.455-59Men31296402
Amy CookUNAT2:07:414.440-44Women1164244
Amy FrickUNAT2:41:104.445-49Women27141503
Rob JonesUNAT1:33:024.445-49Men166
Laura JonesVMST2:25:564.445-49Women19103393
Kristine KlammerUNAT1:48:424.430-34Women11067
Shirley Loftus-CharleyVMST1:48:024.460-64Women1859
Christopher MassonneauVMST2:22:344.450-54Men46264354
Jim McfarlandVMST1:50:374.450-54Men66579
Richard NagleUNAT2:15:334.455-59Men19224305
Abigail NunnUNAT1:36:064.420-24Women129
Courtney PaulkUNAT2:34:114.440-44Women20121450
Ed PierceUNAT2:05:294.450-54Men26167225
Belinda SmithUNAT3:44:394.425-29Women21199637
Eileen SpanVMST2:38:574.445-49Women26137487
George SushkoffVMST1:47:374.445-49Men134855
Ken WrightSNOW2:20:534.450-54Men43249338
Scott MacmillanBWST0:21:46145-49Men21724
Brian LarkinUNAT0:23:55140-44Men85076
Sarah DunstanVMST0:25:49155-59Women147118
Mark RaifordWAVA0:28:11145-49Men1896175
Karen CzaplaUNAT0:31:14135-39Women15125261
Virginia FontanaUNAT0:35:11140-44Women14165338
Douglas HartmanUNAT0:42:35150-54Men31210419


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