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SCY Season Wrap: VMST Wins Mythical Championship

USMS Top Ten

The 2012 Short Course Yards (SCY12) season consists of meets that were contested in in 25y pools between June 1, 2011 and May 31, 2012. The final Top 10 lists have just been published for the season and our LMSC had some amazing performances.

Forty-two LMSC members combined to post 142 Top 10 listings in individual events. Showing her incredible versatility, Shirley Loftus-Charley led the way with an incredible 17 Top 10 rankings; the only event missing from her arsenal was the 50 back! Also impressive were Marianna Berkley (8 listings), Johnnie Detrick (8), Adam Barley (7) and Betsy Durrant (7). Two swimmers achieved All American status by ranking #1 in at least one individual event: Johnnie Detrick (6 #1 rankings) and Beth Schreiner (5).

We had some amazing relays, too: 34 Top 10 relay swims, including three top-ranked swims. The 10 swimmers on those relays thus achieved the distinction of being Relay All-Americans.

Congratulation to all these swimmers! Top 10 patches, such as the one shown on the right, may be ordered to commemorate your achievement. You can also view/download the Top 10 swims in a nicely-formatted booklet. Printed copies of the booklet can be ordered, as well.

As always, all LMSC Top 10 times from the past three complete seasons are displayed on our website.

VMST Wins Local Club Category of Mythical National Championship

The Top 10 listings can be used to score a Mythical National Championship. The advantage of this approach is that the geographical location of the real national championship (if one is held; there is no SCM championship) doesn’t matter: times achieved at Zone or LMSC championship — or any other sanctioned meet — can be compared to see which club is strongest in a particular season.

In the SCY12 season, Virginia Masters Swim Team (VMST) did particularly well, scoring the highest point total among those classified as “local clubs” (ie, clubs without separate workout groups) and coming in 5th overall. VMST also won the actual SCY Nationals in Greensboro in the local club category, but it can be argued that it had the advantage of being within driving distance of the meet; winning the local club category in the mythical meet shows that it was no fluke.

As an LMSC we did well, coming in a respectable 8th out of 52. For more information, go to the Mythical Championship page.

New SCY Records

And of course there were plenty of new LMSC records set in SCY12: 69 individual and 17 relay records. Shirley Loftus-Charley again led the way, with 17 new records: she holds every SCY record in her age-group (60-64) except the 50 back. Maura Bolger (now Maura Smith), Johnnie Detrick and Annette Patterson were also impressive, with 5 new records each. A complete list of records set in the last three complete seasons can be found in the filterable/sortable table on the Records page of the website (enter “SCY” in the search box for the SCY12 records); there is also a printable list of new SCY records.

Our LMSC is one of 10 in the Colonies Zone, which tracks Zone Records for individual events. Fifteen new zone records were set by LMSC members, including 8 by Shirley and 3 by Johnnie Detrick. Elizabeth Shaw, Beth Schreiner, Lucille Griffin and Miriam Tuovila also set new zone marks. A complete list of new Zone Records set in SCY 12 is available (records set by member of our LMSC are on the second page). Two of Shirley’s swims (1000 and 1650 free) also broke the existing National Record at the time of the swim, though both of her records have since fallen to Laura Val.

Congratulations to all on an excellent season!


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