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Shoulders: An Ounce of Prevention

Shoulder injuries are the most common ailments  in swimming. The FINA Sport Medicine Committee, which includes VMST Coach Dr. Jim Miller as a member, has released an excellent video of exercises (embedded below) to help prevent shoulder problems. In Jim’s own words:

A very exciting event happened to me on the day of the Olympic Games Opening Ceremonies.  I have been working for several years on the design and production of a video outlining dry land exercises that would decrease the incidence of shoulder problems in all aquatic sports.  These are simple, do not require expensive equipment and do not take much time to perform.  If they are done routinely your swimming will be stronger and your shoulders healthier.  FINA chose to release this video on the day of the Opening Ceremonies.  It is live for all to use and has ~ 8,000 hits so far.  Check it out and incorporate these into your training program.


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