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Not everyone is excited by the administrative side of masters swimming, but here are some important developments that might impact (hopefully positively!) your swimming.

Board of Directors Teleconference

The LMSC Board recently held a meeting by teleconference to discuss next year’s budget and membership fees. The meeting minutes have been posted, and several supporting financial documents (including the approved 2013 Budget) have been posted on the website.

Officer Elections

The main administrative body of the Virginia LMSC is the LMSC Board of Directors, which contains four elected officers: the Chair, Vice-chair, Secretary and Treasurer. Elections are held every two years, and this is an election year. If you are interested in serving in this capacity, or know someone who is, please send me nominations to stand for election at the annual meeting that will be held in October or November.

Complete descriptions of the duties of the LMSC officers are given in our By-Laws. Our current officers are:

Chair: Patty Miller
Vice-Chair: Charlie Tupitza
Secretary: Dave Holland
Treasurer: Charlie Cockrell

Patty, Charlie T and Charlie C will be running for re-election, while Dave has announced that he will step down after his term is over. (And let’s take a moment to thank Dave for his service!)

Nominations are due September 30, so don’t be shy!

USMS Annual Convention

USMS hosts a convention and meetings of the House of Delegates (HOD) in the fall of each year. Among other things, during the convention:

  • the yearly budgets are approved (including any increases in annual dues),
  • elections of officers take place,
  • organizational rules and bylaws are amended, and
  • the general direction of USMS is set for the coming year.

This year’s convention will be held Sept 12-16 in Greensboro, NC.

Delegates chosen to represent the Virginia LMSC this year are: Lisa Bennett (outgoing Registrar), Pam Dameron (Fitness), Shirley Loftus-Charley (incoming Registrar), and Heather Stevenson (Sanctions, Review). There are a number of LMSC members who are attending in various other capacities at the national level: Betsy Durrant (Finance Committee member), Charlie Cockrell (Rules Committee member), Jim Miller (Past USMS President), Patty Miller (Legislation Committee member, USMS Legal Counsel), and Chris Stevenson (Records & Tabulation Committee chair).

One of the most important functions of the HOD is to consider proposed amendments of the USMS Code of Regulations and Rules of Competition (the “Rule Book”). Since this is an even-numbered years, the bulk of time will be taken by considering amendments to parts 1 and 3, the rules that govern competition in meets, open water and postal events, and the Glossary. All proposed amendments pass through the Rules and the Long Distance Committees. If an amendment is endorsed by them, a simple majority vote by the HOD passes the amendment; an amendment that does NOT receive this recommendation requires a two-thirds majority of the HOD to pass. A few “emergency” amendments to other portions of the Rule Book are considered; these require a nine-tenths majority to pass.

Proposed rule changes as they stand, with rationales, are listed in full, though these may be changed during the course of the meeting. Here is a summary of these proposed rule changes. While some of these proposals are relatively minor or obscure, the ones listed below have (IMO) potential to have the most impact on your swimming. If you have a strong opinion about any of these proposals, please read the original and contact us to express it before the annual meeting.

Rule ChangeSummary
R25Electronic notice (email) to participants is allowed if the meet start time is made earlier.
R62In a national championship, allow 400/500 free on the day after the 1500/1650 free.
R63In a national championship, allow Championship Committee to limit 1000 and 1650 free to people who meet the qualifying times.
R64In a national championship, it is the swimmer's responsibility to notify the meet host of club transfers before competition.
R65Modify requirements to publish national championship meet information in Swimmer Magazine.
R68Do not allow two-to-a-lane seeding in a national championship.
R74FINA's list of pool measurement certifications shall be accepted for USMS purposes.
R75USA-S' list of pool measurement certifications shall NOT be accepted for USMS purposes unless more information is given.
R76Clarify that pool resurfacing requires that the pool be re-measured for certification with USMS.
R77Clarify that bulkhead placement verification requires measurements of lengths of the pool length in the outside lanes and a middle lane.
R78For international meets (ie, outside the US), FINA measurement standards will be used in considering times for USMS Records and Top 10.
R79For USA-S meets, bulkhead placement verification is not required for times to considered for USMS Top 10.
LD9Change in requirement for cable swim course certification: must take place before competition.
LD14Race host can allow mixed-club OW relays except at national championships, without consulting the LD Committee.
LD16Allowable air/water temperature conditions are defined for safety purposes.
LD20Allow adoption of novel scoring divisions at non-championship meets without proposing a rule change.
LD22Reorganization of section on Safety, using only enforceable rules.
LD33Rules when final times have been rounded inappropriately.
LD35Pacing devices are not allowed in OW/LD races.
LD37Cannot use cable pilings for assistance in a cable OW race.
LD38A swimmer can be disqualified for drafting if drafting is prohibited in the race.
LD42Description of protest process.
LD48Rules when final times have been rounded inappropriately.
LD55Long Distance committee chair may allow different types of relays at OW national championships.
LD57LD Committee Chair approval is required if event directors want to allow individuals who are not in individual races to participate in cumulative relays.
LD68Club awards not required at national championships.
LD72National records in cable swims cannot be set using a split time.
L12Allow host facility to deny an individual the use of a venue unless discriminatory (ie, unless based on gender, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability).


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