Annual Fall LMSC Meeting

The annual meeting of the Virginia LMSC Board of Directors will be held on Sunday, October 28, at 4pm by conference call. The meeting is open to any LMSC member, although only Board members may propose or vote on motions.

The 2013 Budget was approved earlier (8/20/12); the following topics will be among the main items discussed at the meeting:

  • Election of officers. Four officers will be elected, and we have one member nominated for each position:
    • Chair: Patty Miller
    • Vice-chair: Charlie Tupitza
    • Treasurer: Charlie Cockrell
    • Secretary: Pam Dameron
  • If you have any other nominations (or if you want to nominate yourself), please let me know.
  • Committee reports will be presented and discussed. Written reports will be made available page as they arrive.

The complete agenda will be posted sometime before the meeting.

LMSC clubs with 10 or more members are entitled to one representative on the Board; clubs with representatives on the LMSC Board are ACAM, BMS, BWST, CFYM, CNU, FSYM, LAMS, LTSM, POWM, QMST, RCA, SUNF, URMS, VMST (2 reps), WAVA, WMS. Club representatives are listed here; clubs with fewer than 10 members are jointly represented by a “small teams” delegate, who is Craig Charley (the RCA rep). Due to its size, VMST is entitled to two representatives; they are Elizabeth Cohen (VMST president) and Betsy Durrant (VMST Treasurer).

Please DO contact your representative if you have a matter that you wish to bring before the LMSC Board! And if you want to be on the call, please contact the LMSC chair, Patty Miller, who will provide you with instructions on how to join the call.


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