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The phrase “mailing it in” is usually applied to people who are trying to get by with the least amount of work possible…but clearly that doesn’t apply to people who do postal swims!

While a number of masters swimmers maintain motivation to exercise by entering pool competitions and open water races, the majority of USMS members will not participate in these events. The reasons may vary, but there is an alternative that is appealing to a growing number of people: postal swims!

In a postal swim, you compete in a pool of your choosing during a set time frame, and send your results in electronically or by mail. That’s it! No muss, no fuss, no one to race against but the clock, but you get much of the same push to stay fast and fit as “regular” competitions.

Perhaps the most famous event of this type is the One Hour Postal (OHP) swim, which usually has more participants than any other national championship; last year there were 37 members of our LMSC who joined the fun. But there are plenty of other postal swims to consider. For instance, there is the 3000/6000 yard national championship that is going on right now (Sept 15-Nov 15). More unusual events exist, such as the DAM Brute Squad swim or the 400 kick for time.

Check out the latest postal events on our website (type “postal” in the search box to display only those items) or the USMS Calendar of Events (click the “postal” box).


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