LMSC Annual Board Meeting

Minutes have been posted for the annual fall meeting of the Board of Directors of the Virginia LMSC, which was held Oct 28 by teleconference. A quick summary of the meeting:

  • Reports were presented or submitted by the Communications committee, by the Fitness chair, by the Open Water chair, by the Records & Top 10 chair, by the Registrar, by the Safety chair, by the Sanctions chair, and by the Treasurer.
  • Note: a 2013 Budget had been officially approved at an Aug 20 teleconference.
  • New officers were elected: Patty Miller (LMSC Chair), Charlie Tupitza (Vice-chair), Charlie Cockrell (Treasurer), Pam Dameron (Secretary).
  • LMSC logo: check out this page at the Colonies Zone website: there are 10 LMSCs in our zone, and we are the only one without a logo! There are undoubtedly quite a few artistic types among our members; would anyone like to submit a design for an LMSC logo? If so, please send it to LMSC chair Patty Miller.
  • Some other new business discussed included the creation of a Virginia Open Water Summer Challenge series, including a new OW in the western part of the state; progress on the LCM Zone Championship that will be hosted by VMST in Richmond.

As always, administrative decisions about the LMSC, including meeting minutes, reports and By-Laws, are posted on the LMSC Business page.


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