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Duel in the Pool, Richmond Style

Duel in the Pool

Normal masters meets are usually social, fun, fast affairs. But one of the most exciting forms of swim meets are college dual meets, and 70 LMSC members decided to try to recreate that format in a masters setting. So the First Annual Duel in the Pool was born!

Peluso Open Water Masters (POWM) is a fairly new kid on the block, but it has grown into one of the largest masters clubs in the state. Started just a couple years ago by Jay Peluso, many of the members came into swimming only as adults. Coach Jay issued a fun challenge to the smaller NOVA Masters workout group, most of whom swim for VMST: hold an (unsanctioned) dual meet and let the chips fall where they may!

Non-standard age groups were used so that each group might have a substantial number of participants:

  • individual age groups of 18-39, 40-54, and 55+, men and women;
  • meet age groups of 72-139, 140-199, and 200+ using cumulative ages for mixed relays (allowing any number of men and women, as long as both genders were represented;
  • each swimmer could participate in up to three events and one relay;
  • six places were scored for each age group.

The meet was a blast, and the results are in! Held in the awesome new pool in Richmond, VA, with some loud music and perhaps just a hint of good-natured trash talking in the air, the POWM roared out of the starting gates with impressive displays in the medley relays. The NOVA group slowly crawled back into contention and appeared to have won the day. But once the meet was scored using the age-group format, the results were in: an exact tie! Which seemed a fitting way to start what will hopefully be a recurring event.

Men Women Overall
POWM 253 POWM 137 POWM 490
NOVM 177 NOVM 229 NOVM 490

Note: the men & women don’t add up to the total because the relays were included only in the “overall” point totals. The results are also shown in the following table, which can be searched. Great job, everyone!

Duel in the Pool Results: POWM vs NOVM

GenderEventOverall PlaceNameAgeAge GroupAG PlacePointsClub/GroupTime
Women50 Free1Danielle Myers2818-3918NOVM26.78
Women50 Free2Maybeth Osmun5340-5418NOVM30.4
Women50 Free3Laure Ray3818-3926POWM31
Women50 Free4Ashley Gibbs3218-3934POWM31.31
Women50 Free5Ashby Marcey4340-5426NOVM31.5
Women50 Free6Nancy Placide4640-5434POWM31.71
Women50 Free7Jocelyn Adelman3518-3943NOVM31.95
Women50 Free8Michelle Kitt3818-3952NOVM32.2
Women50 Free9Holly Murphy3718-3961POWM41.26
Women50 Free10Betsey Poehler5855+18NOVM42.2
Women50 Free11Diane Johnson4240-5443POWM42.89
Women50 Free12Carol Hyatt5555+26POWM45.64
Women50 Free13Lenora Mariner5755+34POWM01:07.9
Women100 Free1Danielle Myers2818-3918NOVM58.06
Women100 Free2Danielle Joslin3418-3926POWM01:02.7
Women100 Free3Jocelyn Adelman3518-3934NOVM01:07.4
Women100 Free4Maybeth Osmun5340-5418NOVM01:08.0
Women100 Free5Ashby Marcey4340-5426NOVM01:09.3
Women100 Free6Maggie Lamb3518-3943POWM01:09.9
Women100 Free7Nancy Placide4640-5434POWM01:10.1
Women100 Free8Michelle Kitt3818-3952NOVM01:12.0
Women100 Free9Elizabeth Prom-Wormley3618-3961POWM01:27.9
Women100 Free10Jan Bacon4840-5443POWM01:32.3
Women100 Free11Audrey Kane4740-5452POWM01:32.5
Women100 Free12Holly Murphy3718-3970POWM01:35.4
Women200 Free1Maura Bolger3118-3918NOVM02:09.1
Women200 Free2Julie Patterson2418-3926NOVM02:09.8
Women200 Free3Alice Phillips4740-5418POWM02:10.8
Women200 Free4Val Van Horn Pate5040-5426NOVM02:17.9
Women200 Free5Danielle Joslin3418-3934POWM02:19.1
Women200 Free6Emily Reutinger2618-3943POWM02:19.1
Women200 Free7Terry Sue Gault6255+18NOVM02:36.7
Women200 Free8Allison Mecadon2918-3952POWM03:18.6
Women200 Free9Elizabeth Prom-Wormley3618-3961POWM03:26.6
Women500 Free1Maura Bolger3118-3918NOVM05:46.3
Women500 Free2Julie Patterson2418-3926NOVM05:46.6
Women500 Free3Emily Reutinger2618-3934POWM06:09.7
Women500 Free4Lisa Gentile4740-5418POWM06:32.8
Women500 Free5Terry Sue Gault6255+18NOVM07:02.2
Women100 Back1Kate Hibbard2818-3918NOVM01:04.6
Women100 Back2Alice Phillips4740-5418POWM01:10.6
Women100 Back3Val Van Horn Pate5040-5426NOVM01:12.2
Women100 Back4Betsy Bowman2818-3926NOVM01:13.2
Women100 Back5Laure Ray3818-3934POWM01:19.6
Women100 Back6Peggy Feldmann5440-5434NOVM01:24.2
Women100 Back7Ashley Gibbs3218-3943POWM01:25.4
Women100 Back8Angie Poole5240-5443POWM01:39.8
Women100 Back9Betsey Poehler5855+18NOVM01:47.2
Women100 Back10Audrey Kane4740-5452POWM01:48.9
Women100 Back11Elizabeth Prom-Wormley3618-3952POWM02:06.5
Women100 Breast1Danielle Myers2818-3918NOVM01:11.9
Women100 Breast2Claire Russo2918-3926NOVM01:13.6
Women100 Breast3Betsy Bowman2818-3934NOVM01:21.6
Women100 Breast4Maggie Lamb3518-3943POWM01:24.7
Women100 Breast5Peggy Feldmann5440-5418NOVM01:27.5
Women100 Breast6Lisa Gentile4740-5426POWM01:27.8
Women100 Breast7Ashley Gibbs3218-3952POWM01:29.7
Women100 Fly1Maura Bolger3118-3918NOVM01:05.6
Women100 Fly2Betsy Bowman2818-3926NOVM01:07.4
Women100 Fly3Claire Russo2918-3934NOVM01:07.7
Women100 Fly4Val Van Horn Pate5040-5418NOVM01:10.9
Women100 Fly5Lisa Gentile4740-5426POWM01:19.8
Women100 IM1Kate Hibbard2818-3918NOVM01:06.1
Women100 IM2Claire Russo2918-3926NOVM01:06.7
Women100 IM3Alice Phillips4740-5418POWM01:08.9
Women100 IM4Julie Patterson2418-3934NOVM01:13.1
Women100 IM5Danielle Joslin3418-3943POWM01:13.6
Women100 IM6Emily Reutinger2618-3952POWM01:16.7
Women100 IM7Maggie Lamb3518-3961POWM01:17.9
Women100 IM8Peggy Feldmann5440-5426NOVM01:20.3
Women100 IM9Nancy Placide4640-5434POWM01:23.7
Women100 IM10Jocelyn Adelman3518-3970NOVM01:24.7
Women100 IM11Terry Sue Gault6255+18NOVM01:25.0
Women100 IM12Angie Poole5240-5443POWM01:46.9
Men50 Free1Brent Holsten4140-5418NOVM23.43
Men50 Free2William Wood5555+18NOVM27.73
Men50 Free3Dan Sheahan5555+26POWM28.11
Men50 Free4Ed Boyle5655+34POWM28.39
Men50 Free5Scott Rose4740-5426POWM28.45
Men50 Free6Brian Lilley3118-3918POWM31.8
Men50 Free7Eric Glymph4340-5434POWM32.44
Men50 Free8Donald Rodgers4640-5443POWM32.76
Men50 Free9Justin Massey3918-3926POWM32.96
Men50 Free10Jack Martin5440-5452POWM33.08
Men50 Free11Thomas Kenney5440-5461POWM38.09
Men50 Free12Rick Hyatt5340-5470POWM38.42
Men50 Free13Chris Stevenson4240-5480POWM45.74
Men100 Free1Brent Holsten4140-5418NOVM52.75
Men100 Free2Randy Dash3818-3918POWM57.24
Men100 Free3Kyle Pawlaczyk2918-3926POWM01:01.0
Men100 Free4William Wood5555+18NOVM01:01.7
Men100 Free5Ed Boyle5655+26POWM01:05.9
Men100 Free6Parker Spencer2318-3934POWM01:06.7
Men100 Free7Craig Dunbar4940-5426POWM01:10.0
Men100 Free8Matthew Pugh2618-3943POWM01:14.5
Men100 Free9Jay Markiewicz4240-5434POWM01:14.9
Men100 Free10Eric Glymph4340-5443POWM01:15.4
Men100 Free11Donald Rodgers4640-5452POWM01:15.5
Men100 Free12Jack Martin5440-5461POWM01:16.0
Men100 Free13Justin Massey3918-3952POWM01:17.7
Men100 Free14William Baucom4140-5470POWM01:19.7
Men100 Free15Eric Volles4240-5480POWM01:20.0
Men100 Free16Thomas Kenney5440-5490POWM01:22.4
Men100 Free17Christopher Berney3518-3961POWM01:27.8
Men100 Free18Rick Hyatt5340-54100POWM01:30.7
Men100 Free19Chris Stevenson4240-54110POWM01:46.4
Men200 Free1Eric Limkemann3018-3918POWM01:48.7
Men200 Free2Chris Stevenson4840-5418NOVM01:50.8
Men200 Free3Michael Hogg2518-3926POWM01:54.9
Men200 Free4Russell Moore3918-3934POWM02:02.8
Men200 Free5Dave Holland4540-5426NOVM02:03.1
Men200 Free6William Brunner2818-3943POWM02:04.5
Men200 Free7George Sushkoff4740-5434NOVM02:07.8
Men200 Free8Randy Raggio4340-5443NOVM02:09.8
Men200 Free9Kyle Pawlaczyk2918-3952POWM02:12.3
Men200 Free10Dan Sheahan5555+18POWM02:18.1
Men200 Free11Mark Kutz5655+26NOVM02:22.9
Men200 Free12Parker Spencer2318-3961POWM02:26.5
Men200 Free13Rick Stauffer5755+34POWM02:29.3
Men200 Free14Craig Dunbar4940-5452POWM02:39.4
Men200 Free15Matthew Pugh2618-3970POWM02:48.1
Men200 Free16Jay Markiewicz4240-5461POWM02:49.5
Men200 Free17Jack Martin5440-5470POWM02:51.4
Men200 Free18Robb Sultzer6155+43NOVM02:52.9
Men200 Free19Cort Kirkley5440-5480POWM03:00.5
Men200 Free20Eric Volles4240-5490POWM03:06.3
Men200 Free21Christopher Berney3518-3980POWM03:19.1
Men500 Free1Eric Limkemann3018-3918POWM04:51.8
Men500 Free2George Sushkoff4740-5418NOVM05:37.3
Men500 Free3Randy Raggio4340-5426NOVM05:52.0
Men500 Free4Kyle Pawlaczyk2918-3926POWM05:58.7
Men500 Free5Scott Rose4740-5434POWM06:20.2
Men500 Free6Parker Spencer2318-3934POWM06:34.2
Men500 Free7Rick Stauffer5755+18POWM06:44.0
Men500 Free8Craig Dunbar4940-5443POWM07:27.4
Men500 Free9Jay Markiewicz4240-5452POWM07:36.2
Men500 Free10Robb Sultzer6155+26NOVM07:44.5
Men500 Free11Eric Volles4240-5461POWM08:52.7
Men100 Back1Chris Stevenson4840-5418NOVM54.11
Men100 Back2Russell Moore3918-3918POWM01:03.0
Men100 Back3Brent Holsten4140-5426NOVM01:08.4
Men100 Back4David Frisch6355+18NOVM01:17.9
Men100 Breast1Jay Peluso4140-5418POWM01:06.1
Men100 Breast2Randy Dash3818-3918POWM01:11.3
Men100 Breast3Dave Holland4540-5426NOVM01:12.1
Men100 Breast4George Sushkoff4740-5434NOVM01:15.0
Men100 Breast5John Bullard5340-5443NOVM01:20.7
Men100 Breast6David Frisch6355+18NOVM01:23.3
Men100 Breast7Eric Glymph4340-5452POWM01:29.7
Men100 Breast8William Baucom4140-5461POWM01:35.2
Men100 Fly1Chris Stevenson4840-5418NOVM53.71
Men100 Fly2Michael Hogg2518-3918POWM55.8
Men100 Fly3Jay Peluso4140-5426POWM58.14
Men100 Fly4Daniel Royce3118-3926POWM58.3
Men100 Fly5William Brunner2818-3934POWM01:00.2
Men100 Fly6Dave Holland4540-5434NOVM01:01.6
Men100 Fly7Randy Raggio4340-5443NOVM01:04.3
Men100 Fly8Mark Kutz5655+18NOVM01:17.9
Men100 Fly9Robb Sultzer6155+26NOVM02:18.9
Men100 IM1Eric Limkemann3018-3918POWM57.55
Men100 IM2Michael Hogg2518-3926POWM59.63
Men100 IM3Jay Peluso4140-5418POWM59.85
Men100 IM4William Brunner2818-3934POWM01:02.2
Men100 IM5Russell Moore3918-3943POWM01:03.6
Men100 IM6Bill Winters4540-5426NOVM01:03.8
Men100 IM7Randy Dash3818-3952POWM01:04.6
Men100 IM8Scott Rose4740-5434POWM01:11.6
Men100 IM9David Frisch6355+18NOVM01:12.6
Men100 IM10John Bullard5340-5443NOVM01:13.1
Men100 IM11Mark Kutz5655+26NOVM01:13.6
Men100 IM12Dan Sheahan5555+34POWM01:19.7
Men100 IM13William Baucom4140-5452POWM01:33.3
Mixed200 Free Relay1NOVM A (Holstein, Hibbard, Myers, Bolger)72-139116NOVM01:44.3
Mixed200 Free Relay2NOVM B( Stevenson, Frisch, Patterson, Feldmann)140-199116NOVM01:56.5
Mixed200 Free Relay3POWM B (Martin, Bacon, Dunbar, Poole)200+116POWM01:56.9
Mixed200 Free Relay4POWM A (Pawlaczk, Dash, Joslin, Ray)72-139212POWM01:57.0
Mixed200 Free Relay5VMST C (Wood, Sultzer, Marcey, Osmun)200+212NOVM02:02.7
Mixed200 Free Relay6POWM C (Lamb, Massey, Gibbs, Lilley)72-13938POWM02:09.0
Mixed200 Free Relay7POWM D (Baucom, Kenney, Rodgers, Kane)140-199212POWM02:25.7
Mixed200 Medley Relay1POWM B (Linkemann, Peluso, Phillips, Royce)140-199116POWM01:42.5
Mixed200 Medley Relay2POWM A (Moore, Brunner, Hogg, Reutinger)72-139116POWM01:48.9
Mixed200 Medley Relay3NOVM A (Raggio, Russo, Bowmann, Adelman)72-139212NOVM01:54.9
Mixed200 Medley Relay4NOVM C (Pate, Bullard, Gault, Kutz)200+116NOVM01:55.7
Mixed200 Medley Relay5NOVM B (Winters, Sushkoff, Holland, Kitt)140-199212NOVM02:00.8
Mixed200 Medley Relay6POWM C (Boyle, Rose, Gentile, Kirkley)200+212POWM02:26.0
Mixed200 Medley Relay7POWM D (Prom-Wormley, Glymph, Markiewicz, Placide)72-13938POWM02:39.5


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