New Year’s Challenge

“[The pool deck] is really buzzing. One by one, old friends and current teammates come through the door with their gear for the morning…I know that everyone feels welcome and the excitement of seeing friends show up for a set like this really builds.”

— Trina Schaetz, Elmsbrook Masters swimmer

Long, hard New Year’s Eve/Day sets are a tradition in many age-group and college programs…and quite a few master’s clubs have taken up the practice as well! For example, Peluso Open Water Masters (POWM) is holding a Year End Splash practice that is meant to exhaust…and also to raise funds for a local learn-to-swim program.

For reasons lost to obscurity — and perhaps sanity — a staple of such practices is often 100 x 100s. Sounds dreadful, right? Not so fast! There is no getting around the fact that 10,000 yards/meters is a long way, but I found this article that described how Elmsbrook Masters in Wisconsin make their traditional New Year’s practices an interesting and team-building event. And yes, it features 100 x 100 (but read the article to see how they spice it up).

Does your masters club have a New Year tradition it would like to share with the LMSC? Let us know, and send photos if you can!


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