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3K and 6K Postal Results

Results for the 3000/6000 Postal National Championships have been finalized. There were 19 swimmers from our LMSC who participated in at least one of the postal events, including four stalwarts who did both events. Shirley Loftus-Charley won both events in her age group in convincing fashion; Adam Barley and Craig Charley also won national championship titles. Two other swimmers who deserve special recognition for competing in both postal events: Jenny de Hart and Ellen Marks.

Finally — swimming in an unofficial capacity — Amy Charley, Shirley Loftus-Charley, Craig Charley, and Terry Loftus combined for a very impressive 3K family relay with a combined time of 2:38.30.35. There can’t be too many families in the country who are able (or willing!) to do that.

Congratulations to all who participated. The full results for our LMSC are shown in the table below.

3000/6000 Yard Postal Championship Results

NameEventAge GroupPlaceClubTime
Adam Barley300030-341VMST0:33:03.01
Matthew Bickley600050-546VMST1:19:48.00
Lynda Calkins300060-649VMST0:55:23.19
Amy Charley300025-294VMST0:37:17.13
Craig Charley300025-293RCA0:38:25.41
Craig Charley600025-291RCA1:17:16.90
Charles Day300055-5932FAFF1:02:37.19
Lisa Greer600040-4412RCA1:39:45.50
KT Gregory300055-5927UNAT1:02:00.67
Susan Harrison600035-398RCA1:57:59.87
Jenny de Hart300035-394STON0:39:57.48
Jenny de Hart600035-392STON1:22:34.81
Shirley Loftus-Charley300060-641VMST0:37:53.41
Shirley Loftus-Charley600060-641VMST1:17:16.90
Susan Marens300070-743VMST1:06:22.00
Ellen Marks300025-296RCA0:40:34.91
Ellen Marks600025-293RCA1:30:14.17
Ellen Mayock600045-4911RCA2:06:17.00
William Mulvihill600045-4911UNAT1:39:36.00
Christopher Seaman300035-3911STON0:44:14.50
Nancy Speer300050-5415VMST0:44:42.43
Bud Swiger600055-5913VMST1:46:59.04
Julia Woodzicka600040-4411RCA1:37:37.49


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