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newsletter_clipartMany LMSC members know about our newsletter “opt-out” program, whereby a member can remove herself voluntarily from the The Wet Gazette newsletter mailing list. Since all our newsletters are also available electronically in PDF format (and with better photos), this simply means that you choose to read the newsletter online via computer or tablet; you can even print the newsletter at home if you wish.

Besides reducing your eco-footprint, opting out serves a very important purpose: it saves the LMSC money so that we can keep fees low. Newsletter delivery has become the biggest budget item since we changed to a monthly newsletter in 2010. Each newsletter costs about $1 to deliver, so if you opt out in January you save the LMSC $12. That doesn’t sound like a lot, but think of it this way: every 100 people who opt out translates to a $1 reduction in our annual LMSC membership fee. This year after only two months the opt-outs have saved the LMSC roughly $850.

This year the LMSC voted to allow members to decide to opt-out when you register for USMS for 2013. The results have been gratifying:

  • 781 people have registered for the Virginia LMSC in 2013
  • 493 of them (63%) answered “yes” to the opt-out question
  • 104 (13%) answered “no” and 184 did not provide an answer

As a comparison, last year 167 (15%) of 1131 members opted out by contacting me directly. So we’ve improved by quite a bit! But any new system is bound to produce some kinks, so I wanted to explain how I construct the newsletter mailing list.

  • If you answered “yes” to the opt-out question, you will not be sent a paper copy of the newsletter in the mail, and I will email you a short notice when the electronic (PDF) version of the newsletter is uploaded. You can unsubscribe from this list if you don’t want this reminder (there is a link at the end of each email). The most recent version of the newsletter can always be found at this link, so you can bookmark it and check it at your leisure.
  • If you answered “no” or did not answer the op-out question, you will be mailed a paper copy of the newsletter.
  • If you share a mailing address with someone else with the same last name, then only one copy of the newsletter will be sent to that address.
  • If you answered “yes” to the opt-out question but someone else in your household answered “no” or failed to answer the question, then a paper copy  of the newsletter will be mailed to your address.
  • If you answered “yes” to the opt-out question but did not provide an email address to USMS during registration, then you will not receive a paper copy of the newsletter and you will also not receive an email reminder when the latest issue is uploaded.

That’s a lot of rules! But we try to respect your wishes. Some people prefer to hold paper and ink in their hands and read the newsletter over breakfast or a cup of coffee, and that’s perfectly valid. Others don’t mind snatching a peak at The Wet Gazette on a computer or tablet over lunch at work or home and that’s fine too.

The most important thing is that we keep lines of communication open and that we foster a vibrant swimming community in our LMSC. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

One last thing: if you need to update your mailing or email address, you can do so here and it should take effect the following month.


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