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The Distance Backup Plan

Terrapin Masters Backup Plan Meet

The Colonies Zone SCY Championship meet has been held for the past few years at the GMU Aquatic Center. It is nearby meet of a good size (about 450 swimmers) that is very well run and takes place in a nice facility. It is an excellent alternative to (or supplement of) nationals, and in some ways it is superior (less crowded, nearby). Plus there are all those relays!

The meet is Apr 19-21 and it is highly recommended; the registation deadline is Apr 12.

Unfortunately there needs to be an entry limit on the distance events (1000/1650 free) on Friday night, and those events filled quickly after online registration went live. This disappointed many of the distance-oriented swimmers who want to go to Zones.

But all is not lost! Terrapin Masters has stepped up and is hosting a meet at the University of Maryland pool; appropriately titled The Backup Plan 1000/1650 Meet, it is a chance for those shut out of the distance events at zones to swim them on Friday evening in a nearby pool and then swim at Zones the following two days.

The deadline for online entries is Apr 15. So before sending in your tax return, enter a distance meet!


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