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World Rankings for 2012

The world swimming federation FINA (“Federation Internationale de Natation”) has published the Top 10 world rankings for masters swimmers for the year 2012. Basides the expanded competition, keep in mind the following differences between FINA and USMS rankings:

  • FINA considers “masters” swimming to begin at age 25, so there is no 18-24 age group for individual swims, and relays cannot have swimmers under 25.
  • There are rankings for two courses, SCM (25m pools) and LCM (50m pools).
  • FINA only considers times from meets sanctioned by USMS (or another FINA member). This means that times from recognized meets are not eligible for FINA rankings. In particular, times from Virginia Senior Games (SCM) and the Commonwealth Games (LCM) held in LCM do not count for FINA. Neither do swims by USMS members in USA-S meets.

With those caveats in mind, 13 members of our LMSC have achieved a total of 54 world-ranked swims in 2012. Shirley Loftus-Charley led the way with 12 ranked swims, including four top-ranked efforts; Beth Schreiner and Chris Stevenson also had 7 swims apiece. Complete details of the swims, as well as world-ranked efforts in previous years, can be found elsewhere on our website.

The latest world-ranked swims are shown below. Congratulations to all these swimmers!

FINA Top Ten Performances from our LMSC for 2012

PlaceNameClubGenderAge GroupEventCourseTime
9Adam BarleyVMSTMen30-34800 FreeLCM9:11.27
9Adam BarleyVMSTMen30-34400 IMLCM5:04.36
3Calvin BarnesVMSTMen85-89800 FreeSCM19:49.12
3Calvin BarnesVMSTMen85-891500 FreeSCM38:47.15
6Calvin BarnesVMSTMen85-89200 BackSCM5:03.72
6Marianna BerkleyVMSTWomen90-9450 FreeSCM1:12.37
5Marianna BerkleyVMSTWomen90-9450 BreastSCM1:38.44
2Marianna BerkleyVMSTWomen90-94100 BreastSCM3:41.00
3Marianna BerkleyVMSTWomen90-94100 IMSCM3:52.17
3Johnnie DetrickVMSTWomen75-7950 FreeLCM39.45
3Johnnie DetrickVMSTWomen75-7950 FreeSCM38.42
2Johnnie DetrickVMSTWomen75-79100 FreeSCM1:28.71
9Johnnie DetrickVMSTWomen75-79400 FreeSCM7:33.12
10Johnnie DetrickVMSTWomen75-7950 BreastSCM52.99
5Johnnie DetrickVMSTWomen75-79100 IMSCM1:48.96
7Sandy GalletlyVMSTMen70-741500 FreeLCM24:12.65
8Ida HlavacekVMSTWomen70-74200 FlySCM4:47.53
9Ida HlavacekVMSTWomen70-74400 IMSCM8:43.09
9Dave HollandVMSTMen45-49200 FlyLCM2:22.01
4Shirley Loftus-CharleyVMSTWomen60-64100 FreeSCM1:09.44
1Shirley Loftus-CharleyVMSTWomen60-64200 FreeSCM2:31.02
2Shirley Loftus-CharleyVMSTWomen60-64400 FreeSCM5:20.29
1Shirley Loftus-CharleyVMSTWomen60-64800 FreeSCM10:44.67
1Shirley Loftus-CharleyVMSTWomen60-641500 FreeSCM20:10.02
10Shirley Loftus-CharleyVMSTWomen60-64100 BackSCM1:28.87
4Shirley Loftus-CharleyVMSTWomen60-64200 BackSCM3:00.78
5Shirley Loftus-CharleyVMSTWomen60-64200 BreastSCM3:19.38
2Shirley Loftus-CharleyVMSTWomen60-64100 FlySCM1:21.46
8Shirley Loftus-CharleyVMSTWomen60-64100 IMSCM1:24.80
2Shirley Loftus-CharleyVMSTWomen60-64200 IMSCM2:55.53
1Shirley Loftus-CharleyVMSTWomen60-64400 IMSCM6:03.62
3Beth SchreinerVMSTWomen70-7450 FreeLCM35.65
6Beth SchreinerVMSTWomen70-74100 FreeLCM1:24.10
9Beth SchreinerVMSTWomen70-74200 FreeLCM3:13.78
3Beth SchreinerVMSTWomen70-7450 FreeSCM35.94
4Beth SchreinerVMSTWomen70-74100 FreeSCM1:23.37
3Beth SchreinerVMSTWomen70-74200 FreeSCM3:09.36
10Beth SchreinerVMSTWomen70-74100 BackSCM1:40.93
6Susan SkiffVMSTWomen55-59200 FreeLCM2:31.44
5Susan SkiffVMSTWomen55-59400 FreeLCM5:17.91
2Susan SkiffVMSTWomen55-59800 FreeLCM10:55.15
6Susan SkiffVMSTWomen55-59100 FlyLCM1:18.16
4Susan SkiffVMSTWomen55-59200 FlyLCM2:56.09
5Chris StevensonVMSTMen45-49200 FreeSCM1:59.62
2Chris StevensonVMSTMen45-49400 FreeSCM4:16.19
4Chris StevensonVMSTMen45-49800 FreeSCM9:05.08
9Chris StevensonVMSTMen45-4950 BackSCM28.80
1Chris StevensonVMSTMen45-49100 BackSCM58.71
2Chris StevensonVMSTMen45-49200 BackSCM2:10.46
7Chris StevensonVMSTMen45-49100 FlySCM59.02
8Laura WalkerVMSTWomen75-79200 BackSCM4:06.60
6Barbara ZaremskiVMSTWomen75-79200 FlyLCM5:49.70
8Barbara ZaremskiVMSTWomen75-79200 FlySCM6:10.27
5Barbara ZaremskiVMSTWomen75-79400 IMSCM10:06.40


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