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Open water warrior Abby Nunn has been mentioned on our website a number of times in the past few years, most recently in the April Fools article authored by Dave Holland. Abby was more than willing to play along with the prank, but she takes her swimming pretty seriously!

After graduating from the NOVA age-group program in Richmond, VA, Abby swam at Yale for four years. Although a successful college swimmer, Abby discovered her love of open water by competing in events such as the Chris Greene Lake cable swim (which she has won several times) and the Jim McDonnell Lake Swim. She has expanded her repertoire greatly since then but continues to participate in both events.

Abby has continued her training even while attending medical school at the University of Virginia. She has a great blog that highlights how she balances her training and studies, and Abby was recently featured in a SwimSwam profile.


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