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Spring Championships Roster

Springtime means short-course championship season! There are two major spring championship meets:

Entires have closed for both meets, but even if you aren’t going you might want to cheer on your teammates; links to the live results are (or will be shortly) available from the meet website URLs given above. USMS will also post a number of videos from nationals summarizing each day’s events and featuring stories of participants.

Our LMSC has 68 members who are going to one or both of these meets: 22 members at nationals, 56 at zones, and 10 stalwarts who are participating in both. The following clubs are represented at one or both meets: BWST, LAMS, POWM, QMST, STON, SUNF, VMST, WAVA, and WMS.

The complete list of participants is given in the table below; you can search for your teammates by typing your club initials in the search box. Good luck to everyone!

Scott ArnoldZonesSUNFM53
Adam BarleyZonesVMSTM31
Cheryl BennZonesVMSTW59
Kitten BraatenNats & ZonesVMSTW57
Patrick BradleyZonesSTONM47
Richard BriesemeisterZonesVMSTM87
Opal BrinkNationalsQMSTW18
Kirk ClearNats & ZonesVMSTM45
Charles CockrellZonesVMSTM44
Bradley ConvisNationalsWAVAM51
Lauren DanisZonesVMSTW24
Jenny de HartZonesSTONW35
Pieter de HartZonesSTONM34
Greg DomsonZonesVMSTM38
Betsy DurrantNats & ZonesVMSTW71
Samuel FinzZonesVMSTM68
Megan FontanaZonesSUNFW27
Lesley FrancisZonesVMSTW81
David FrischZonesVMSTM64
Edward GaulrappZonesVMSTM70
Terry GernsteinNationalsVMSTM70
Todd GoinsZonesSUNFM51
Gregory HarrisZonesVMSTM49
Ralph HellmannNats & ZonesUNATM51
Ida HlavacekNationalsVMSTW71
Dave HollandNats & ZonesVMSTM45
Amy HowardNats & ZonesQMSTW48
William JacksonZonesLAMSM24
Karen KaufmannNationalsVMSTW48
Samantha LatonaZonesSUNFW36
Joe LincolnZonesUNATM44
Brianna LovellZonesVMSTW22
Thomas LyonsZonesVMSTM79
Suni MackallZonesWMSW50
Scott MacMillanZonesBWSTM47
Cleary MalyNats & ZonesQMSTW43
Jennifer ManuelZonesPOWMW38
Judy MartinNats & ZonesVMSTW70
Leslie MastropaoloZonesVMSTW39
John MccorkleZonesVMSTM61
Edgar MeyerNationalsVMSTM69
Karen MickunasNationalsVMSTW58
Jim MillerNationalsVMSTM62
Patricia MillerNationalsVMSTW52
Alison MooreZonesVMSTW42
Deanne MoosmanZonesSTONW34
Keith MurrayZonesUNATM54
Danielle MyersZonesVMSTW28
Bill NelsonZonesVMSTM60
Ken NovellZonesVMSTM70
Drew RathgeberZonesWAVAM36
Staci RichardsZonesSUNFW42
Craig RichardsonZonesUNATM51
Robert RomoZonesVMSTM55
Beth SchreinerNats & ZonesVMSTW72
Cary SevertZonesUNATM42
Drew ShattuckZonesSUNFM44
Dan SheahanZonesVMSTM55
Tina SmithZonesUNATW35
Harry SoberZonesVMSTM70
Nancy SpeerNationalsVMSTW50
Ralph SwigerZonesVMSTM56
Masaki TakahashiZonesUNATM58
Stephen ThoresenZonesSUNFM52
Val Van Horn PateNationalsVMSTW50
David VaughnNationalsVMSTM48
Raj VermaZonesUNATM39
Laura WalkerNats & ZonesVMSTW75


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