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Great Chesapeake Bay Swim Results

On June 9 more than 500 swimmers participated in one of the most storied open water events, the 4.4-mi Great Chesapeake Bay Swim, while almost as many completed the shorter version, One-Mile Chesapeake Challenge.

Nineteen members of our LMSC competed, 13 of them in the longer race; their complete results are shown below. Five swimmers finished in the top 10 of their age group: Lauren Aepli, Paul Breza, Mariah Dudley, Shirley Loftus-Charley, and Amy Moreno. Shirley brought home the bacon, winning her age group and was the overall 20th fastest female…even though, unlike the majority of her competition, she competed without a wetsuit.

Complete results for the 4.4-mile and the 1-mile races are available.

This is one of the more challenging open water events out there; great job to all these swimmers! If I missed anyone, please let me know. And don’t forget to check out our upcoming events calendar for other OW swims in the area.

Bay Swim Results for our LMSC

NameClubAge GroupTimeOverall PlaceGender PlaceAge Group PlaceDistance
Lauren AepliVMSTF25-292:11:3219153104.4 mi
Paul BrezaACAMM45-491:53:17554054.4 mi
David BrownVMSTM50-542:03:3612995224.4 mi
Craig CharleyRCAM30-342:19:04256180124.4 mi
Michael DalseyVMSTM50-542:14:24223158414.4 mi
Mariah DudleyVMSTF25-2923:14803131 mi
Sarah DunstanVMSTF55-593:14:29529167114.4 mi
Michael DutchakUNATM55-592:48:13450312384.4 mi
Matthew FahyPOWMM45-493:31:05555378584.4 mi
Amy FrickPOWMF45-4926:1917985131 mi
Douglas HartmanUNATM50-5437:45384187311 mi
Dale KiviUNATM55-592:24:49282196174.4 mi
Shirley Loftus-CharleyVMSTF60-641:57:50782014.4 mi
Emily MattinglyPOWMF40-4428:48255132161 mi
Jim MillerVMSTM60-642:48:46455316154.4 mi
Thomas MillerUNATM55-592:36:52380267314.4 mi
Amy MorenoUNATF50-5426:4219795101 mi
Ed PierceUNATM50-542:23:20273191504.4 mi
Sharon WhelanLAMSF40-4426:3619293131 mi


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