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Jim McDonnell Lake Swim Results

The 26th Annual Jim McDonnell Lake swims were held May 26 in Lake Audubon; despite the relatively chilly (mid-60s) water there were 467 swimmers, 41 of them from our LMSC. Results have been uploaded; there were 1- and 2-mi races divided into separate wetsuit and non-wetsuit categories.

Our swimmers — representing 9 clubs (BWST, CPYM, LAMS, LTSM, STEC, SUNF, VMST, WAVA, WMS) — are shown below. All of these participants deserve admiration, in particular Lauren Aepli, Tom Barbieri, Howard Craddock, Sarah Dunstan, Shirley Loftus-Charley, and Cherie Witt, who each swim both races. Lauren, Sarah, Shirley, Kristin Breata Caruso, Allison Klein, Denise Landers, and Drew Shattuck all won their age groups in at least one race, with Sarah and Shirley doing so twice. Shirley and Drew were also among the top three finishers (regardless of age) in their gender.

Congratulations to all these swimmers! Find your teammates in the table below and give them a pat on the back for starting out the OW season in such fine fashion.

Jim McDonnell Lake Swim: Results of LMSC Members

NameClubAgeGenderTimeOverallGenderAge Groupwetsuit?Distance
Lauren AepliVMST25Female25:37941no wetsuit1 mi
Lauren AepliVMST25Female52:131982no wetsuit2 mi
Delmar ArnoldWMS48Male1:16:3820613425wetsuit2 mi
Tom BarbieriUNAT41Male27:0932245wetsuit1 mi
Tom BarbieriUNAT41Male56:3678546wetsuit2 mi
Dale BostwickUNAT27Female31:4477223wetsuit1 mi
Jeff BowersUNAT52Male1:07:031509921wetsuit2 mi
Melanie BredeUNAT39Female56:2376245wetsuit2 mi
Kristin Breata CarusoLAMS41Female27:121771no wetsuit1 mi
Mac CauleyUNAT65Male1:03:00127885wetsuit2 mi
Howard CraddockVMST59Male30:5829163no wetsuit1 mi
Howard CraddockVMST59Male1:06:4445322no wetsuit2 mi
Karen CzaplaUNAT40Female1:12:241946912wetsuit2 mi
Sarah DunstanVMST59Female30:4226121no wetsuit1 mi
Sarah DunstanVMST59Female1:05:1041131no wetsuit2 mi
Callie FinesUNAT39Female1:04:49138467wetsuit2 mi
Frank FloresBWST44Male1:00:0636266no wetsuit2 mi
Raymond ForbesUNAT45Male1:11:5018912422wetsuit2 mi
Ilana GamermanUNAT48Female44:451647412wetsuit1 mi
Douglas HartmanUNAT54Male44:231639018wetsuit1 mi
Laura HawthorneUNAT47Female56:212792no wetsuit2 mi
Aram KhosrofianLTSM54Male1:02:231248517wetsuit2 mi
Allison KleinUNAT40Female1:00:5138111no wetsuit2 mi
Lexa LaingVMST40Female40:25147619wetsuit1 mi
Mark LanderUNAT52Male58:21946714wetsuit2 mi
Denise LandersUNAT51Female51:581771no wetsuit2 mi
Alexander LaughlinUNAT54Male1:04:131339119wetsuit2 mi
Karen LehUNAT55Female1:10:2451172no wetsuit2 mi
Shirley Loftus-CharleyVMST61Female24:47521no wetsuit1 mi
Shirley Loftus-CharleyVMST61Female49:40821no wetsuit2 mi
Robin LotzUNAT42Male1:13:5920012926wetsuit2 mi
Christopher MassonneauWMS54Male54:2647336wetsuit2 mi
Edward MoserUNAT58Male1:15:1020313113wetsuit2 mi
Donya MuseUNAT42Female1:12:041916611wetsuit2 mi
Grant QuickSTEC28Male52:4938262wetsuit2 mi
Drew ShattuckSUNF44Male46:40331no wetsuit2 mi
Al SnellUNAT54Male31:1330173no wetsuit1 mi
Richard SpencerUNAT46Male25:1916134wetsuit1 mi
Chris SprangerUNAT46Male50:2522164wetsuit2 mi
Melissa TallentVMST38Female50:482373wetsuit2 mi
Charles TupitzaWAVA58Male34:0340225no wetsuit1 mi
Cherie WittCPYM48Female28:5147153wetsuit1 mi
Cherie WittCPYM48Female1:00:46115377wetsuit2 mi
Kwesi WrightUNAT47Male39:581468616wetsuit1 mi
David YostUNAT53Male49:461729219wetsuit1 mi
Charles ZauzigUNAT59Male41:071508712wetsuit1 mi
Melanie ZiarkoUNAT33Female32:3483266wetsuit1 mi


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