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The Colonies Zone 2013 Long Course Championship were held in Richmond, VA, on June 22-23. There were 152 swimmers representing 32 clubs and 12 LMSCs.

Some Fast Water

This was the first sanctioned USMS meet at the GRAP Collegiate School Aquatics Center, which houses the pool used for the 2008 US Olympic Trials. The pool fulfilled its promise, as a whopping 95 new Zone Championship records were set! These included two new world records, one by Leslie Livingston in the 50 backstroke (clipping 0.02 sec off her own record in the 50-54 age group) and one by the Virginia Masters Swim Team 400 free relay of Marcia Barry, Johnnie Detrick, Laura Walker and Shirley Loftus-Charley. The VMST relay walloped the previous record, knocking more than 21 seconds off the previous mark. There were also four new national records: the previous two swims, plus another by Livingston in the 50 fly and Erika Braun in the 50 back.

Shirley at finish

Shirley Loftus-Charley after setting one of her seven new zone records.

We have photos! Want to share yours?

We have a number of photos of the event on our Flickr page. Would you like to contribute some photos to share with the others? Please contact me.

It’s all about the team

Complete team scores are available. Host Virginia Masters Swim Team won the large-club division (11+ entrants), while Reston Masters won medium-club (6-10) and Terrapin Masters took the small-club (1-5) honors.

Complete results are available in HTML format (with cumulative and subtractive splits) and PDF format (suitable for printing). All results and split requests have been uploaded into the USMS results database: one of the easiest ways to check your swims is to choose your name in the pull-down menu. Results are unofficial for the moment but should be pretty accurate; please contact me if you spot any errors.

A complete listing of all new world, national and zone championship records is given in the table below. The table is searchable, just type a name or club (or any other term) in the search box to filter the display. Members of the host Virginia LMSC also set 58 new LMSC records.


Records Set at Zones

Age GroupGenderCourseEventTimeNameWR, NR, ZR
65-69WomenLCM100 Free1:19.18Marcia BarryZR
65-69WomenLCM200 Free2:52.42Marcia BarryZR
65-69WomenLCM400 Free6:04.97Marcia BarryZR
65-69WomenLCM50 Back42.77Marcia BarryZR
65-69WomenLCM100 Back1:34.07Marcia BarryZR
65-69WomenLCM200 Back3:27.49Marcia BarryZR
90-94WomenLCM50 Breast2:01.70Marianna BerkleyZR
65-69MenLCM1500 Free23:13.86Richard BernsteinZR
40-44WomenLCM50 Free26.82Erika BraunZR
40-44WomenLCM50 Back31.54Erika BraunNR, ZR
30-34WomenLCM1500 Free20:12.36Jennifer CarlsonZR
18-24MenLCM50 Back29.42Jon ChristensenZR
60-64WomenLCM50 Back40.52Joan CraffeyZR
60-64WomenLCM200 Back3:04.08Joan CraffeyZR
75-79WomenLCM50 Free38.06Johnnie DetrickZR
75-79WomenLCM50 Breast56.84Johnnie DetrickZR
70-74MenLCM100 Fly1:46.31Edward GaulrappZR
30-34WomenLCM200 Back2:41.37Mollie GroverZR
50-54MenLCM200 Free2:08.11Len GusheZR
50-54MenLCM100 Back1:05.54Len GusheZR
50-54MenLCM100 Fly1:02.36Len GusheZR
50-54MenLCM200 Fly2:28.11Len GusheZR
35-39WomenLCM1500 Free20:52.94Chio HatakeyamaZR
35-39WomenLCM100 Breast1:28.14Chio HatakeyamaZR
25-29WomenLCM200 IM2:36.59Kate HibbardZR
25-29MenLCM400 Free4:22.86John HoganZR
25-29MenLCM800 Free9:23.32John HoganZR
25-29MenLCM1500 Free17:46.06John HoganZR
30-34WomenLCM50 Free26.81Ruth JonesZR
30-34WomenLCM200 Free2:19.79Ruth JonesZR
55-59WomenLCM50 Fly35.30Jeanne LappinZR
55-59WomenLCM100 Fly1:19.26Jeanne LappinZR
55-59WomenLCM200 Fly3:00.65Jeanne LappinZR
55-59WomenLCM200 IM2:57.47Jeanne LappinZR
55-59WomenLCM400 IM6:21.02Jeanne LappinZR
18-24MenLCM50 Breast32.51Chris LeeZR
18-24MenLCM100 Breast1:12.68Chris LeeZR
50-54WomenLCM50 Free28.63Leslie LivingstonZR
50-54WomenLCM50 Back32.41Leslie LivingstonWR, NR, ZR
50-54WomenLCM50 Fly30.29Leslie LivingstonNR, ZR
60-64WomenLCM200 Free2:40.80Shirley Loftus-CharleyZR
60-64WomenLCM400 Free5:31.37Shirley Loftus-CharleyZR
60-64WomenLCM800 Free11:14.64Shirley Loftus-CharleyZR
60-64WomenLCM1500 Free21:01.19Shirley Loftus-CharleyZR
60-64WomenLCM200 Fly3:15.37Shirley Loftus-CharleyZR
60-64WomenLCM200 IM3:15.54Shirley Loftus-CharleyZR
60-64WomenLCM400 IM6:26.86Shirley Loftus-CharleyZR
18-24WomenLCM800 Free11:12.37Brianna LovellZR
18-24WomenLCM1500 Free21:06.86Brianna LovellZR
18-24WomenLCM400 IM5:58.93Brianna LovellZR
45-49MenLCM200 Fly2:36.70Kenneth MaloneZR
65-69WomenLCM100 Fly1:38.65Margot PettijohnZR
65-69WomenLCM200 IM3:26.86Margot PettijohnZR
65-69WomenLCM400 IM7:20.23Margot PettijohnZR
65-69MenLCM400 Free5:48.36Jay PlattZR
65-69MenLCM800 Free12:21.62Jay PlattZR
85-89MenLCM50 Breast1:09.51Norman RainerZR
85-89MenLCM100 Breast2:40.88Norman RainerZR
85-89MenLCM200 Breast5:54.71Norman RainerZR
70-74MenLCM100 Back1:38.17David RobinsonZR
70-74MenLCM200 Back3:38.78David RobinsonZR
30-34WomenLCM100 Breast1:23.44Claire RussoZR
30-34WomenLCM200 Breast3:02.38Claire RussoZR
30-34WomenLCM400 IM5:52.42Claire RussoZR
70-74WomenLCM50 Free36.63Beth SchreinerZR
70-74WomenLCM200 Free3:19.20Beth SchreinerZR
75-79MenLCM200 Fly7:06.46Richard ScottZR
75-79MenLCM400 IM10:52.89Richard ScottZR
30-34WomenLCM400 Free5:05.45Maura SmithZR
30-34WomenLCM100 Fly1:13.31Maura SmithZR
45-49MenLCM800 Free9:25.10Chris StevensonZR
45-49MenLCM1500 Free17:49.63Chris StevensonZR
45-49MenLCM100 Fly1:00.90Chris StevensonZR
50-54WomenLCM200 Back2:53.80Val Van Horn PateZR
50-54WomenLCM100 Fly1:19.38Val Van Horn PateZR
45-49WomenLCM50 Back32.02Fall WilleboordseZR
45-49WomenLCM100 Back1:09.51Fall WilleboordseZR
45-49WomenLCM100 Breast1:22.64Fall WilleboordseZR
45-49WomenLCM50 Fly30.13Fall WilleboordseZR
30-34MenLCM50 Free25.94Stuart WilliamsZR
30-34MenLCM50 Fly27.37Stuart WilliamsZR
18-24MenLCM50 Free25.01Lewis WitherowZR
18-24MenLCM100 Back1:01.56Lewis WitherowZR
60-64WomenLCM50 Breast42.47Melinda WolffZR
120-159WomenLCM400 Medley Relay4:55.20Hibbard, Russo, Smith, MyersZR
160-199WomenLCM200 Free Relay2:18.20Phillips, Manuel, Glasgow, GregoryZR
160-199WomenLCM200 Medley Relay2:39.81Joslin, Manuel, Gregory, PhillipsZR
280-319WomenLCM400 Free Relay5:45.80Barry, Detrick, Walker, Loftus-CharleyWR, NR, ZR
120-159MixedLCM200 Medley Relay2:04.58Stevenson, Russo, Hogan, HibbardZR
160-199MixedLCM200 Free Relay2:11.49Garcia, Johnson, Baldwin, CarlsonZR
160-199MixedLCM200 Medley Relay2:21.95Brightwell, Baldwin, Carlson, CarlsonZR
200-239MixedLCM200 Medley Relay2:25.09Malsbury, Miller, Clear, SpeerZR
320-359MixedLCM200 Medley Relay4:38.39Berkley, Rainer, Scott, GregoryZR
100-119MenLCM200 Medley Relay1:50.60Witherow, Lee, Tuben, WilliamsZR
160-199MenLCM200 Free Relay1:52.91Williams, Linderman, Moon, DeverZR


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