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VMST Annual Fall Meet Results and Photos

VMST Fall Meet

Results and photos have been posted for the VMST 33rd Annual Fall Meet, which was held on Nov 2 in Virginia Beach. There were a lot of new records set at the meet: the 29 new LMSC records are shown below, including six individual records by Marcia Barry in a phenomenal performance.

But the highlight of the meet had to be the new relay records set by the VMST relays of Marcia with Johnnie Detrick, Shirley Loftus-Charley, and Laura Walker. Three of the relays were new World Records while all four of them were new USMS Records. Fantastic!

Congratulations to everyone who participated, and a special thanks to Betsy Durrant for again running a fabulous meet.

LMSC Records Set at Virginia Beach Meet

Age GroupGenderCourseEventTimeName
25-29WomenSCM1500 Free19:29.01Sarah Anderson
30-34MenSCM100 Breast1:09.90Adam Barley
30-34MenSCM200 Fly2:13.62Adam Barley
65-69WomenSCM200 Free2:53.82Marcia Barry
65-69WomenSCM400 Free5:56.44Marcia Barry
65-69WomenSCM800 Free12:06.10Marcia Barry
65-69WomenSCM1500 Free22:58.42Marcia Barry
65-69WomenSCM50 Back41.31Marcia Barry
65-69WomenSCM200 Back3:13.92Marcia Barry
90-94WomenSCM50 Back1:25.39Marianna Berkley
70-74MenSCM100 Back1:34.23Warner Brundage
55-59MenSCM800 Free11:28.51Timothy Dayton
65-69MenSCM1500 Free29:14.10Tsvi Katz-Hyman
50-54MenSCM100 Free1:01.39Phil Knobel
50-54MenSCM100 IM1:09.68David Malsbury
85-89WomenSCM100 Free2:17.95Jeanne Meredith
55-59MenSCM1500 Free20:56.48William Throne
55-59MenSCM200 Back2:42.83William Throne
70-74MenSCM50 Free34.80Randy Wise
280-319WomenSCM200 Free1:29.47Randy Wise
280-319WomenSCM200 Free Relay2:34.24Loftus-Charley, Walker, Detrick, Barry
280-319WomenSCM400 Free Relay5:38.90Detrick, Walker, Barry, Loftus-Charley
280-319WomenSCM800 Free Relay12:53.99Barry, Walker, Detrick, Loftus-Charley
280-319WomenSCM400 Medley Relay6:32.81Barry, Detrick, Loftus-Charley, Walker
160-199MixedSCM200 Free Relay2:21.27Piper, Kelley, Raab, Amis
200-239MixedSCM200 Free Relay2:25.65Boslego, Benn, Michkunas, Ladd
280-319MixedSCM200 Free Relay3:15.36Scott, Champbers, Gregory, Miller
280-319MixedSCM400 Free Relay8:22.84Scott, Broderick, Champbers, Miller
280-319MixedSCM800 Free Relay18:59.17Scott, Broderick, Sikora, Miller


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