2013 Open Water and Long Distance All Americans

The list of Open Water/Long Distance All Americans for 2013 has been published. To achieve this honor, a swimmer must win an OW/LD national championship. Four women in our LMSC earned this distinction: Amy Charley, Pam Dameron, Shirley Loftus-Charley, and Kate Stephensen. Congratulations, ladies! Their winning swims are listed in the table below.

Shirley and Amy were also Long Distance All-Stars for 2013. All-Stars are decided based on a point system, only one swimmer can be selected for each gender/age-group. So they are truly the crème de la crème! Shirley’s point total exceeds those of all the other All-Stars by a pretty large margin, so it isn’t much of a stretch to suggest that she is perhaps the premiere long distance swimmer in USMS national championship series. Well done, Shirley!

2013 Open Water & Long Distance All Americans

Age GroupNameClub abbr.EventTime or Distance
25-29Amy CharleyVMST2 mile cable48:27.52
25-29Amy CharleyVMST6000 yd postal1:20:14.39
65-69Pam DameronQMST6000 yd postal1:48:44.56
60-64Shirley Loftus-CharleyVMST3-6 mile OW1:15:25
60-64Shirley Loftus-CharleyVMST6-9 mile OW2:33:36.2
60-64Shirley Loftus-CharleyVMST1 Hour Postal4,720
60-64Shirley Loftus-CharleyVMST10K postal2:35:42.42
60-64Shirley Loftus-CharleyVMST2 mile cable47:37.08
60-64Shirley Loftus-CharleyVMST3000 yd postal38:36.44
60-64Shirley Loftus-CharleyVMST5K postal1:15:53.76
60-64Shirley Loftus-CharleyVMST6000 yd postal1:18:17.66
18-24Kate StephensenUNAT10K postal2:11:16.79


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