Should I Do Drills?

Swimming drills are a staple of many clubs for swimmers from very young age-groupers to masters swimmers, and from the novice to the experienced swimmer. Many swimmers have a series of their favorite drills in their training “tool bag.” There are quite a few swimming books that devote a substantial portion of their time to drills, as well as countless videos on the internet demonstrating those drills; just try googling “YouTube swim drill” and see what you get, or visit a swimming specific site like GoSwim. It can get overwhelming.

So it may come as a surprise that swimmers and coaches do not all agree on the value of drills in a swimming training program, or even whether they are helpful at all. Feel For The Water, the blog of the SwimSmooth website, published an article, To Drill Or Not To Drill, That Is The Question, that considers this question about when (and if) swimming drills are valuable.


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