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Fun in Maryland: Summer Nationals


Sixty-three swimmers from our LMSC participated in the Long Course National Championship meet that was held Aug 13-17 in College Park, MD. Our swimmers did great! Virginia Masters Swim Team (VMST), competing with 40 swimmers, finished second overall in combined scoring, while Peluso Open Water (POWM) with only seven swimmers — all women — managed to snag eighth in the women’s scoring.

There were records aplenty, too. Most impressively were two VMST relays consisting of Marcia Barry, Johnnie Detrick, Terry Sue Gault and Beth Schreiner who set a new World Record in the 200 Free Relay and a new National Record in the 200 Medley Relay in the Women’s 280-319 age group. Awesome job, ladies!

There were plenty of LMSC records too, of course: 42 of them, to be exact (39 individual and 3 relay records). Denise Letendre and Chris Stevenson led the way with six records apiece, followed closely by Greg Harris and his five new standards. The complete list of records is given below.

We had 15 national champions at the meet, winners of one or more events:

  • Marcia Barry: 1500 Free, 200 free relay, 200 medley relay
  • Barbara Boslego: 200 breast
  • Johnnie Detrick: 50 free, 100 free, 200 free, 50 breast, 200 free relay, 200 medley relay
  • Betsy Durrant: 1500 free
  • Will Ericson: 100 back, 200 back
  • Terry Sue Gault: 200 free relay, 200 medley relay
  • Greg Harris: 200 IM
  • Ida Hlavacek: 100 fly, 200 fly, 200 IM, 400 IM
  • John Hogan: 100 free, 200 free, 1500 free, 100 fly
  • Dave Holland: 400 IM
  • Denise Letendre: 800 gree, 200 breast
  • Susan Marens: 50 breast, 100 breast, 200 breast, 50 fly
  • Beth Schreiner: 100 free, 200 free, 50 back, 100 back, 200 free relay, 200 medley relay
  • Chris Stevenson 200 free, 400 free, 50 fly, 100 fly, 200 back
  • William Walters: 200 free, 400 free, 400 IM

Congratulations to all these swimmers, as well as everyone else who swam in the meet. Check out the photos, and if you have any picture you want to share please send them to me.

New LMSC Records Set at Long Course Nationals

Age GroupGenderEventTimeName
65-69Women400 Free6:02.45Marcia Barry
65-69Women200 Back3:22.47Marcia Barry
60-64Women50 Breast46.27Barbara Boslego
70-74Men100 Free1:20.92Warner Brundage
70-74Men100 Back1:37.01Warner Brundage
55-59Men200 Back2:54.72Tom Deppe
18-24Men50 Back30.01William Ericson
18-24Men200 Back2:27.80William Ericson
70-74Men50 Breast45.29Terry Gernstein
70-74Men100 Breast1:44.79Terry Gernstein
45-49Women50 Fly34.49Barbie Gregory
50-54Men50 Free26.40Greg Harris
50-54Men100 Free59.26Greg Harris
50-54Men50 Breast33.86Greg Harris
50-54Men200 Breast2:45.10Greg Harris
50-54Men400 IM5:31.78Greg Harris
25-29Men800 Free9:20.27John Hogan
25-29Men1500 Free17:37.50John Hogan
45-49Men400 IM5:07.27Dave Holland
25-29Women400 Free4:49.97Denise Letendre
25-29Women800 Free9:44.89Denise Letendre
25-29Women200 Breast2:49.95Denise Letendre
25-29Women200 Fly2:31.30Denise Letendre
25-29Women200 IM2:32.64Denise Letendre
25-29Women400 IM5:20.93Denise Letendre
80-84Men50 Breast1:16.85Thomas Lyons
80-84Men200 Breast6:20.41Thomas Lyons
30-34Women100 Back1:18.20Claire Russo
50-54Men400 Free4:32.22Chris Stevenson
50-54Men50 Back29.99Chris Stevenson
50-54Men100 Back1:03.71Chris Stevenson
50-54Men200 Back2:22.61Chris Stevenson
50-54Men50 Fly27.18Chris Stevenson
50-54Men100 Fly1:01.48Chris Stevenson
50-54Women50 Back36.39Val Van Horn Pate
50-54Women200 Back2:53.21Val Van Horn Pate
50-54Women100 Fly1:18.03Val Van Horn Pate
30-34Men400 Free4:19.88William Walters
30-34Men400 IM4:51.24William Walters
280-319Women200 Free2:29.97Detrick, Schreiner, Gault, Barry
280-319Women200 Medley2:58.66Barry, Detrick, Gault, Schreiner
200-239Men200 Free1:49.32Stevenson, Holland, Harris, Deppe


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