Early Season Dryland Program

Program Design for the beginning of the Season
By Grif Fig

The first couple weeks of the season are the perfect time for reviewing some of the basic fundamental movements while teaching the newcomers proper technique of these exercises. Mastering the exercises that make up the foundation of your program is extremely valuable. A program is only as good as its foundation. Coming up with exercises that look cool or provide the “wow” factor will not make up for having poor technique with the most essential and most effective exercises.

The first couple sessions are dedicated to teaching form and letting all the athletes get accustomed to the movements. Once everyone has a basic understanding of the exercises a timed circuit is designed. Circuits are not only great for conditioning but they also allow the athletes to perform the exercises at a low intensity (usually just bodyweight) and high repetition, which gives them lots of practice. Conditioning and high repetition of movements are certainly two of the main goals of the first couple weeks making circuits and ideal way to run your workouts.

Here is an example of one of our circuits that include 6 of our foundational exercises. Perform the circuit 3 times going through each exercise for 30 seconds with a 15 second transition rest period. All of these exercises are performed with just bodyweight at first with the exception of the band rotation, which requires a resistance band. As the athletes progress feel free to add a cardio component to several of the stations to increase the intensity of the conditioning aspect.

Exercise 1 – Squats
Exercise 2 – Recline Pull (on TRX or other suspension system)
Exercise 3 – Band Rotations
Exercise 4 – Lunges
Exercise 5 – Push up (T – push up for intermediate to advanced)
Exercise 6 – Planks (3 pt planks for intermediate to advanced)

A strong foundation is needed for a strong program so don’t underestimate the value of this phase. Visit us at to learn more about designing workouts. If you have any questions on the exercises above or this article please feel free to email me at


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