LMSC Annual Meeting

The Virginia LMSC will hold its annual on Sunday October 26 in Richmond. The meeting is open to all LMSC members, though only board members may make motions and vote on them. Please contact LMSC Chair Patty Miller if you are interested in attending in person or by conference call. More information about LMSC administration and procedures can be found in our bylaws and elsewhere on the website.

We will elect LMSC Officers this year. The following candidates have been nominated and have agreed to run for office:

  • Chair: Dave Holland
  • Vice Chair: Denise Letendre
  • Secretary: Alice Phillips
  • Treasurer: Charlie Cockrell

Additional nominations can also be made at the meeting, provided the nominee gives written consent. Descriptions of the responsibilities of each position has been given in the call for nominations and are also found in the bylaws.

One of the most important items at the annual meeting is the approval of the budget for the coming year. Our Treasurer has submitted proposed budget that includes the YTD expenses as well as the expenses from previous years to provide context. He has also submitted a report with his recommendations for the upcoming budget.

The tentative agenda for the meeting is as follows. Additional written reports are given below and will be added as they are received (many reports are given orally at the meeting rather than as a written document, these reports will be summarized in the minutes).

  1. Roll call
  2. Reading, correction, and adoption of minutes from 2013 meeting (see below for link)
  3. Reports of Officers: President, Treasurer
  4. 2015 budget
  5. Reports of committee chairs: Registrar, LMSC Info, Webmaster, Sanctions Chair
  6. Unfinished business – This includes closing out the issue of scholarships for 4 VCU coaches from the Sept. 4 USMS Coaches Certification
  7. Election of officers (see above).
  8. New business
    1. Membership growth
    2. Event support and growth
  9. Resolutions and orders
  10. Adjournment


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