Message From the New LMSC Chair

The LMSC had its annual meeting on Sunday Oct 26 and elected officers for the coming two years. Minutes will be posted in the next week or so, but here are the results of the election:

Chair: Dave Holland
Vice Chair: Denise Letendre
Secretary: Alice Phillips
Treasurer: Charlie Cockrell

The LMSC board would like to thank the departing officers for their fine service: Patty Miller (chair), Charlie Tupitza (vice chair), and Pam Dameron (secretary). We are very excited to have three new officers and to welcome Charlie back to another term as Treasurer.

Dave looks set to hit the ground running; here is a message from our new chair.


My name is Dave Holland and I’m pleased to serve as the new Chair of our LMSC. I have been involved with swimming since age 7, and with USMS since 1997, when I turned 30 and decided that I needed to lose 15 lbs. I live in Richmond, practice at NOVA, and compete with VMST.

First of all, if you do know what the acronym LMSC stands for, please let me know. I think it includes the word “local”, which makes no sense to me, as we have more than a 1000 members throughout Virginia and part of West Virginia. Of course, Masters has its own rules and lingo that have always baffled the mind- you can live in Missouri and swim for Virginia Masters (and we encourage that, especially for relays), be married for 50 years and swim “unattached”, or sign up for a meet as “one event” and swim 9 events. Go figure. Different strokes for different folks…

I did not run on a platform and I did not have an opponent. I was asked and initially said “no”, and then was asked to be on a nominating committee. Our committee was not successful in finding someone who said “yes” with any umph to their voice, so here I am. I decided to step up for one simple reason- as an event director (Chris Greene Lake and Lake Moomaw), I have often found myself complaining about the fact that I couldn’t find enough volunteers, or that within our LMSC, there’s a handful of folks who are doing all the work, year after year. Many of us wear multiple hats. So, I’ve decided it’s time to stop complaining and to start doing something about it! My first and most important task will be to introduce some new faces to the endless joys of administration, and to get more of you involved in volunteering and giving back to our great sport.

In terms of the vital administrative and financial organization of our LMSC, our house is in very good order. There is nothing to fix. We’ve had good continuity and strong leadership with a core group of committed officers who have put in tons of hours over the years. Thankfully, our very capable Charlie Cockrell will continue as Treasurer, Shirley Loftus-Charley will stay on as our diligent Registrar, and competent folks like Betsy Durrant, Chris and Heather Stevenson, and Jim and Patty Miller will keep serving in multiple capacities.

Our meet directors, including Craig Charley, Betsy Durrant, Nancy Miller, and Ginger Cyganiewicz, are unsung heroes who do a lot of behind-the-scenes work to offer us great events, year after year. Next time you go to one of our meets, seek them out and say “thanks”. That will be the best and only payment they will get.

Additionally, I’m pleased that we were able to recruit some new faces to the board- Denise Letendre will be the Vice Chair, and Alice Phillips will serve as Secretary. They both have IQ’s that are 30+ points higher than mine, so I plan on delegating all of the important stuff to them. I just have to remember their names.

In the next couple of years, with help from these great folks and hopefully some new folks like you, I will lead us with the following goals:

  1. Increase membership by 5%- Denise, assisted by Charlie Cockrell, Patty Miller, and Susan Bricken, are spearheading an effort to put more of our resources into Outreach. They will be communicating with the USMS national office, which has some exciting new outreach programs already in place in several other states.
  2. Increase the opportunities for competition by improving our current meets and adding some new ones. Craig Charley, who will also serve as our Coach’s Chair, will lead this effort with help from Ginger and Susan Bricken, who would like to bring a new meet to the Christiansburg Aquatic Center.
  3. Communicate with and support the meet directors.
  4. Communicate with and support our coaches.
  5. Listen to your concerns and take action where necessary.

I’m looking forward to serving and representing you and our LMSC in the next two years. Please feel free to contact me with any suggestions or concerns.

Dave Holland


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