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Colonies Zone Smackdown

Colonies Zone Smackdown

The Freedom Aquatic Club (FAC) hosted the Colonies Zone Smackdown SCM Championship on Dec 12-14 at George Mason University in Manassas, VA. Unofficial results have been posted to our website, as well as some photos.

There were 119 swimmers at the meet, representing 30 different clubs. The 47 swimmers from our LMSC had a great meet, setting 22 new LMSC Records, lead by Greg Harris (8 new individual records) and Sidney Glass (6). All new LMSC records are listed in the table below. Our members also set six new individual Colonies Zone Championship marks: three each from Sidney and Shirley Loftus-Charley. VMST relays set two additional zone records.

This was a first-of-its-kind zone championship, with two meets held simultaneously: one in Boston and one in Manassas. The idea of the “Smackdown” format was to pit the swimmers from the five southern LMSCs in our zone (Virginia, Potomac Valley, Maryland, Delaware Valley, New Jersey) against the five northern LMSCs (Metro, Niagara, Adirondack, Connecticut, New England).

The scoring results of the combined meet for individual swims only are given below:

  • Northern LMSCs: 8922; southern LMSCs: 2033
  • The top northern club was Cambridge Masters with 1398 points
  • The top southern club was Virginia Masters with 443 points
  • Complete scores of all clubs by category can be found at the bottom of the combined results.

The northern meet was more than four times the size of the southern meet, so the results are not so surprising. Hopefully next year we can increase our participation and make a better account of ourselves!

Congratulations to everyone who participated. By all accounts the facility was wonderful and the meet was well organized; thanks to the meet hosts and all the volunteers who helped out. The results are unofficial at this point, please examine them for any errors. We have also not received the meet file from the northern Colonies zone meet so we cannot yet combine results. This page will be updated as more information becomes available.

If you have any photos you would like to share with the LMSC, please let me know.

New Zone Records

Age GroupGenderCourseEventTimeName
18-24MenSCM50 Back27.12Sidney Glass
18-24MenSCM100 Back1:02.50Sidney Glass
18-24MenSCM200 Back2:11.48Sidney Glass
18-24MenSCM50 Breast31.32Sidney Glass
18-24MenSCM100 IM59.80Sidney Glass
18-24MenSCM200 IM2:14.46Sidney Glass
50-54MenSCM50 Free25.85Greg Harris
50-54MenSCM100 Free57.40Greg Harris
50-54MenSCM200 Free2:08.89Greg Harris
50-54MenSCM50 Breast33.12Greg Harris
50-54MenSCM100 Breast1:14.60Greg Harris
50-54MenSCM200 Breast2:43.22Greg Harris
50-54MenSCM100 IM1:04.71Greg Harris
50-54MenSCM400 IM5:30.11Greg Harris
25-29WomenSCM200 Free2:16.42Denise Letendre
25-29WomenSCM800 Free9:51.34Denise Letendre
80-84MenSCM50 Breast1:13.26Thomas Lyons
120-159MixedSCM200 Free Relay1:58.21Clear, Dudley, Letendre, Harris
160-199MixedSCM200 Free Relay2:11.17Goins, Fontana, Thoresen, McDonald
120-159MixedSCM400 Free Relay5:12.42Shiraz, Borden, Burgess, O'Neill
240-279MixedSCM400 Free Relay5:21.66Loftus-Charley, Swiger, Boslego, Romo
120-159MixedSCM400 Medley Relay4:53.40Clear, Letendre, Dudley, Harris


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