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Jim McDonnell Lake Swims

The Jim McDonnell Lake 1-mi and 2-mi races were held this past weekend, on May 24 at Lake Reston; the results have been posted. This is a large annual event that attracts many LMSC members; this year’s contingent of 42 swimmers acquitted themselves very well.

Four of our members — Patrick Lee, Val Van Horn Pate, Shirley Loftus-Charley, and Kathleen Doswell — won their respective age group divisions in at least one of the swims. Complete results are given below. There were even eleven LMSC swimmers who swam in BOTH races: wow!

Note: if a member of our LMSC competed but I missed it, please let me know.

LMSC Members Results for Jim McDonnell Lake Swims

SwimmerDistanceDivisionOverall PlaceGenderGender PlaceAge GroupAge Group PlaceTime
Delmar Arnold2 mileWetsuit96M7050-54101:03:21
Tom Barbieri1 mileWetsuit44M3440-44827:56
Tom Barbieri2 mileWetsuit61M4640-44758:31
David Belyea1 mileWetsuit15M1250-54325:01
David Belyea2 mileWetsuit18M1550-54449:16
Dave Black1 mileWetsuit53M4250-54928:48
Dave Black2 mileWetsuit89M6550-5481:02:28
Melanie Brede2 mileWetsuit56F1440-44257:15
Joni Briganti2 mileWetsuit126F4055-5951:07:11
David Brown1 mileNo wetsuit19M1050-54325:54
David Brown2 mileNo wetsuit28M1750-54250:59
Robyn Burns1 mileNo wetsuit65F2635-39631:36
Mac Cauley2 mileWetsuit123M8565-6961:06:56
Howard Craddock1 mileNo wetsuit66M4060-64232:26
Kathleen Doswell1 mileWetsuit152F6065-69137:49
Xu Duan1 mileNo wetsuit51M3050-54829:42
Michael Dutchak2 mileWetsuit73M5460-6441:09:00
Stephen Eid2 mileWetsuit8M745-49245:37
Jennifer Fabian1 mileNo wetsuit48F1930-34629:28
Chris Fitzgerald1 mileWetsuit39M3045-49627:31
Paul Gentry1 mileWetsuit173M10060-641040:28
Dan Guadagnoli1 mileNo wetsuit84M5150-541337:05
Steve Haidar1 mileWetsuit88M6045-491231:21
Steve Haidar2 mileWetsuit138M9245-49191:09:06
Mary Klaff1 mileWetsuit66F1545-49329:44
Mary Klaff2 mileWetsuit67F1745-49359:28
Lexa Laing1 mileWetsuit165F6740-441839:00
Alexander Laughlin2 mileWetsuit167M10455-59111:13:37
Patrick Lee1 mileNo wetsuit4M330-34223:10
Patrick Lee2 mileNo wetsuit7M430-34145:28
Shirley Loftus-Charley1 mileNo wetsuit11F660-64124:11
Shirley Loftus-Charley2 mileNo wetsuit9F460-64147:38
Robin Lotz2 mileWetsuit159M10140-44191:12:26
Joseph Maline1 mileWetsuit97M6460-64832:01
Christopher Massonneau1 mileWetsuit29M2355-59226:22
Christopher Massonneau2 mileWetsuit51M3955-59556:30
Allen Maxwell2 mileWetsuit59M4545-491457:40
Bryan Mikesh1 mileWetsuit109M6950-541233:48
Bryan Mikesh2 mileWetsuit171M10750-54181:15:02
Frank Millikan1 mileWetsuit64M5160-64529:39
Van Moffatt2 mileWetsuit160M10250-54171:12:30
Kathleen Moore2 mileNo wetsuit83F3540-4421:09:39
Newsha Nazmi Ansary1 mileWetsuit179F7530-341041:55
Hampton Oberle1 mileWetsuit174M10150-541940:43
John Post1 mileNo wetsuit63M3965-69331:20
Guy Potucek2 mileWetsuit83M6140-44111:01:50
Florence Rabanal2 mileWetsuit127F4145-49121:07:27
Mark Raiford1 mileWetsuit89M6150-541131:28
Chris Spranger2 mileWetsuit32M2345-49851:46
Kari Sprecher2 mileWetsuit198F8065-6921:30:49
Val Van Horn Pate1 mileNo wetsuit7F350-54123:42
Val Van Horn Pate2 mileNo wetsuit12F750-54148:14
Andrea Winans1 mileWetsuit167F6945-491339:25


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